beanstock coffee festival 2019
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EVENT: Beanstock Specialty Coffee Festival on Granville Island (Nov 2 & 3)

Hey coffee lovers! The Beanstock Coffee Festival returns to Vancouver on November 2 and 3. Meet local micro-roasters, try specialty coffee samples, and learn about the importance of socially responsible …

Bunny Yoga at Sunberry Fitness
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I Did Bunny Yoga and It’s as Adorable as it Sounds

Imagine doing a Vancouver bunny yoga class with soft and fluffy bunnies hopping around the room while you stretch and relax.

porsche cayenne in whistler

Porsche Off Road Experience in Whistler, BC

In Whistler, I had my first Porsche experience with the Porsche Off-Road Driving Experience. Thanks to Canadian Wilderness Adventures, the 3-hour experience took me in a Porsche Cayenne on the …

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REVIEW: Trying the Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Baxter Blue

Is staring at your computer or cellphone screen for too long straining your eyes? You could be suffering from digital eye strain, a discomfort that’s common to those of us who work office jobs and spend the entire day in front of a screen.

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I Found My Small Business Accountant Through Instagram

People are surprised to hear that I found my Canadian small business accountant on Instagram. They’re like — whaaaaat, how did that even happen!?

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Palmer and Sons Review: Sourdough Making Class in Vancouver

There’s been a Groupon for a sourdough making class in Vancouver that’s been making its rounds.  The sourdough bread workshop is taught by a man named Nik, the founder of …