Lovevery New Sibling Coursepack

Lovevery New Sibling Coursepack Review

Lovevery now has a series of Lovevery course packs for parents which combines research-backed advice presented in bite-sized video clips with physical elements like books, toys, and activity guides.

Lovevery Course Pack Review

I tried out the Lovevery “New Sibling Coursepack“, and here are my thoughts.

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As an only child myself, I wanted to learn about how to help Theodore (my 2.5 year old toddler) adjust to having a new sibling. While I was pregnant, I read him a lot of storybooks about being an older brother or having a sibling – but what I was missing was advice for ME on how to support his transition to siblinghood.

With Lovevery’s New Sibling Course Pack what I loved best is how concise the videos clips are, dishing out practical, easy-to-follow advice in 2 to 3 minute segments. Some of the topics covered include: Cultivating Independence, Managing Frustration, Feeling Empathy, Sibling Play, and more.

The New Sibling Course Pack also comes with four physical board books: Baby is Coming, Baby is Born, Baby is Here, and Baby is Crawling, which share relatable stories that support and prepare both parent and the older child for each stage of the baby’s first year. For your toddler, you can even purchase add-on toys like The Organic Cotton Baby Doll, Accessories for the Baby Doll (like a baby carrier and a bottle), and The Buddy Stroller (toy stroller).

I’ve always thought what set Lovevery apart from other toy companies is how all their products are backed by research. These new course packs takes their expertise in child-development and shares relevant advice with parents through easy-to-follow tips and ideas.


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