Product Samples from CHFA 2024

CHFA 2024: 15 Natural, Organic, Wellness Products Loved by Moms

The Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) hosts one of Canada’s largest industry events focused on the natural health and wellness sector. Their annual event, CHFA Now, held in Vancouver and Toronto, brings together buyers, media, and industry specialists to engage with established and up-and-coming natural wellness brands. In previous years, I attended CHFA and shared insights on emerging trends in natural health based on my personal observations from the tradeshow. This year, I wanted to share a CHFA round-up that was more specific to my current lifestage: new motherhood.

Drawing from the hundreds of products I encountered at CHFA, here’s a curated round-up of 15 products that I think moms will enjoy…and my reasons why!

Product Samples from CHFA 2024
The product samples I received from CHFA 2024

Awake Chocolate

Moms love coffee! But holding a steaming mug of hot coffee over a wriggly child is probably not the safest thing to do. That’s why moms love Awake, a line of caffeinated chocolate. Perfect for that afternoon slump, each bite is under 70 calories and contains as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee. In addition to the classics like milk and dark chocolate, there are also flavours including mint, caramel, and peanut butter. Each chocolate is bite-sized and individually wrapped for on-the-go convenience.

New news: the dark chocolate variety pack is now available at Costco Canada, beginning with the Eastern provinces of: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia.

awake milk chocolate
Awake Chocolate

Flourish Pancake Mix

If you’re the type of mom that makes pancakes on the weekends, families will love the convenience of Flourish protein pancake mix. All you have to do is combine the mix with water or milk and cook the batter for 2 minutes on each side for high protein, high fibre, low sugar pancakes. The same mix can be used in a waffle maker too!

Stacks of pancakes with berries on top made with flourish protein pancake and waffle mix
Flourish Pancake & Waffle Mix

Blume SuperBelly Gut-Building Hydration Powder

Gut health and hydration are interconnected and foundational for moms who want to feel their best. SuperBelly is Blume’s newest product, combining their love of superfoods with prebiotics (from inulin), trace minerals, fermented apple cider vinegar, and clinically studied probiotics that contribute to a healthy gut flora. The three delicious flavours they’ve launched with are: açai pomegranate, strawberry hibiscus, and lemon ginger. 

Three packages of Blume SuperBelly Hydration Powder
Blume SuperBelly Gut-Building Hydration Powder

Oat of the Ordinary

Oat of the Ordinary‘s tagline will resonate with moms everywhere: “You have enough on your plate. Let us fill your bowl.” Their high protein, low sugar instant oatmeal product is perfect for busy moms on the go who want a healthy and convenient grab-and-go breakfast mix that’s kid-friendly too!

Oat of the Ordinary
Oat of the Ordinary Instant Oatmeal

Else Nutrition

At CHFA, I found the baby cereal I want to start my baby on when he begins solids: Else Nutrition Baby Super Cereal. Moms will love Else Nutrition’s worry-free formulation of clean, whole, and plant-based nutrition for babies, toddlers and kids. Their products are Clean Label Project Purity Award certified (safe from heavy metals), with a minimally processed base of almonds, buckwheat and tapioca.

Cha’s Organics Coconut Whipping Cream

Dessert making moms, if you have a dairy intolerance in your family, Cha’s Organics Coconut Whipping Cream is the perfect dairy-free alternative to heavy whipping cream. The product whips perfectly every time with no need to separate the cream first and is great for vegan mousse and frosting, strawberry shortcake and more. The coconuts used in Cha’s Organics Coconut Whipping Cream products are harvested from regenerative organic orchards in Sri Lanka and sourced on Fair Trade terms.

Cha’s Organics Coconut Whipping Cream

Verily Kitchen

Developed by nutritionist, celebrated cookbook author, and mom of three, Verily Kitchen is a collection of ready-to-cook ‘whole food sauces’ from Karlene Karst. Verily’s three flavours are: Hemp Seed Pesto (with Omega 3), Cashew Alfredo (with the added benefits of healthy fats), and Coconut Rosé (with antioxidants, vitamin C, and fibre from fire roasted tomatoes).  The brand’s food philosophy is rooted in sustainability and social consciousness with a focus on high-quality, locally sourced ingredients, making it easy for anyone (especially moms!) to bring nourishing food to their table in an incredibly delicious way.

Verily Kitchen Pesto Sauce with Hemp Seeds
Verily Kitchen

Myni Powder-to-Gel Hand Soap

As a mom, I’m constantly washing my hands…or washing someone else’s hands! Although refillable soap options are aplenty, Myni is the first brand I’ve come across that offers a powder-to-gel hand soap product; just mix the formulation with water in a bottle and you have a fresh batch of liquid soap to use. Myni also offers a powder-to-gel shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. 

Myni Gel Hand Soap


For period care, Joni offers sustainable and chemical-free menstrual products. Their pads and tampons are made of compostable, organic and biodegradable materials, meaning both better for you and better for the environment. Better period care was one of the trends I spotted at last year’s CHFA Now (2023).

Joni Period Care

Routine Natural Beauty

From Calgary, Routine Natural Beauty offers natural personal care products for the face, hair, and body with a Western vibe inspired by the wild west of the Canadian rockies. Sweet and spicy, their top selling scent is Sexy Sadie with botanical notes of ylang ylang, sweet orange, vanilla and cinnamon. If you can’t pick a scent, take their ‘Find Your Vibe‘ quiz and go from there.

Routine Skincare Sexy Sadie Natural Hair Conditioner
Routine Natural Beauty

Attitude Blooming Belly Skincare Line

Made with expectant moms in mind, Attitude’s Blooming Belly pregnancy skincare line uses argan oil + shea butter to create a home spa treatment for moms and their bumps. The plastic-free collection I came across at CHFA included a stretch mark prevention oil, a body butter, and a nursing balm.

Attitude Blooming Belly Skincare Line

withinUs TruMarine Collagen

withinUs TruMarine Collagen is hydrolyzed marine collagen sourced from wild fish scales and helps with the development of healthy hair, nails, and joints. Consuming collagen can also potentially help with postpartum hair loss by providing the amino acid building blocks to help you grow back your hair.

withinUs TruMarine Collagen jar
withinUs TruMarine Collagen

Deebee’s Organics

During my pregnancy, I especially enjoyed Deebee’s Organics’ non-dairy and organic gelato pops.  I was first gifted a case to try from the brand, and when I wanted to buy more, discovered that this particular line of freezies wasn’t available in Canada (and still isn’t, yet). I ended up renting a postbox in Point Roberts, Washington, and buying three cases to ship there….driving 90 minutes to pickup my beloved Gelato Pops from the USA. 

deebees gelato pops on ice
Deebee’s Organics Gelato Pops

Libra Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer

These days, there are plenty of non-alcoholic beer options out there, but Libra stands out to me because the branding of their light, fresh and artisanal non-alcoholic beer (ie. a gold logo) seems to cater towards women (and that includes moms!). Libra also has an ongoing ambassadorship with Juno award-winning Canadian folk-rocker Serena Rider, who is known for their work in mental health and wellness, and for her extensive work to help emerging artists navigate and thrive in the music industry.

Libra Non Alcoholic Beer
Libra Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer


Every day, especially for breastfeeding moms, we lose fluids and electrolytes that water simply can’t replace on its own. HydraLyte uses a proprietary formula containing a precise amount of glucose and electrolytes to rehydrate you faster than water alone. The brand recently collaborated with actress, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, and mom Shay Mitchell on a refreshing Hydralyte Lemon Squeeze flavour.

Shay Mitchell with Hydralyte Lemon Squeeze
Hydralyte x Shay Mitchell Lemon Squeeze

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