Weekend Brunch Series – The Flying Pig (1168 Hamilton Street)

I had the Wild Mushroom, Asparagus Chevre Frittata ($10) which was served with organic greens. The presentation of the food was good – on a wooden butcher’s board with a handle. The salad was really fresh, with just the right amount of dressing. I thought I tasted some bits of salt in the mix, not sure if it was supposed to be there, but I liked it.

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Benkei Ramen (545 West Broadway x Cambie)

Benkei prides itself on their “no MSG” policy, by cooking their soups from scratch and using natural ingredients. They filter the soup several times to take out the fat, but leave in the rich taste of chicken or pork.

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Triple O’s Mobile Food Restaurant

Triple O’s is on the go; quite literally, with its recent launch of their 30-foot mobile food cart. Joining the likes of La Brasserie and Nu Restaurant, which are local restaurants who have recently branched out into a “street cart” version, Triple O’s is utilizing its mobility to test potential new locations and menu items. According to Warren Erhart, President of White Spot Limited, these are the two greatest “x-factors” of any restaurant organization, before putting a stake in the ground.

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The Bibo – Kitsilano Italian Restaurant

Bold lighting and modern décor line the interior of the establishment; a rustic, family style restaurant this is not. With so much competition in a city already known for having one of the most restaurants per capita in the world, how does another upstart hope to break into the market? By selling cultural authenticity.

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