MONTECRISTO Monday – Skoah Skincare Training

Blogger-cum-MONTECRISTO magazine assistant editor, Craig David Long, has become somewhat of a local expert on the way Vancouverites identify themselves through fashion and style. In a world that places high value on surface appearances, he believes that, like our clothing, our skin, albeit reluctantly, also often stands in to say something about who we are and how we feel. For the upcoming spring issue of MONTECRISTO, Long sits down with Chris and Andrea Scott of Skoah to see how they address their clients’ innermost, or shall we say outermost, inhibitions.

In the lounge of their Yaletown spa, Andrea chimes in, “What prompted us to start Skoah, was how uncomfortable we both felt at spas that didn’t ask us questions about our skin, or explain what products they were using, and why, before they lathered us up.”

MONTECRISTO magazine is a regional lifestyle quarterly created for the discerning, cultured Vancouverite, and is designed with the highest standard of quality in mind. The spring issue of MONTECRISTO is available today at Chapters/Indigo stores across Greater Vancouver.

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