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“Lunch Lady” Vietnamese Restaurant Opening Soon on Commercial Drive

How an unassuming “place to eat” in Ho Chi Minh City rose to global fame through Anthony Bourdain and made its way across the world to Vancouver.

Caffè La Tana Italian Eatery
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Caffè La Tana Italian Eatery Opens on Commercial Drive

Caffè La Tana on Commercial Drive is styled after the the Italian alimentari: a small, neighbourhood gathering place serving pastries, simple meals, and strong, Italian-style espresso.

downlow chicken commercial drive
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Now Open: The Downlow Chicken Shack on Commercial Drive

Things are about to get hotter on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive: The Downlow Chicken Shack is now open at 905 Commercial Drive

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The Mystic Masala – Commercial Drive’s Aromatherapy Store

Aromatherapy boutique The Mystic Masala features therapeutic essential oils, scented candles and gift sets which will help you begin your year, stress-free. The Mystic Masala was opened last spring with the …

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Reduce Your Pup’s Carbon Paw-Print at Spa Dog Organic Dog Spa

Last weekend, Spa Dog owners Hilary and Adam welcomed my dog Teddy and I into their pet grooming salon, and warmly told me their story of how Spa Dog came to be.

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A Modern Mix Weekend with #FocusOnMyTown

Ford Canada recently lent me their 2013 Ford Focus for the weekend to explore Vancouver and beyond. As someone who lives in downtown and relies on two legs and a bus pass to get places, I decided to take advantage of the wheels and explore beyond the downtown core. Here’s a recap of my jam-packed #FocusOnMyTown weekend with Ford Canada!