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Now Open: The Downlow Chicken Shack on Commercial Drive

Things are about to get hotter on Vancouver’s Commercial Drive: The Downlow Chicken Shack is now open.

Eatery owners Doug Stephen and Lindsey Mann are keeping the menu simple with a taste of Southern charm and hospitality, featuring their take on Nashville Hot Chicken and other chicken-centric offerings.  The signature dish will be a crispy, fried chicken style that’s well marinated, deep-fried, and coated with a signature paste blend of “hot” spices to light up your taste buds.

In addition to the Hot Chicken, ranging in heat levels from mild, medium, hot, extra hot, to “A Side of Milk” for brave souls, the eatery will also serve Hot Chicken breast sandwiches on white bread, wings, coleslaw, corn bread, pickles, macaroni salad, fries, and sweet tea. Weekly specials are expected, including a Hot Fish version.

When asked about their vision for the eatery:

“It’s going to be cashier-service but we are going to bring you your order, and it’s going to be first-come, first-serve.  We want this to be a place that’s buzzing with activity, with friendly faces, and great music. We are going to let our chicken speak for itself. Everything is made-to-order. We want DL to be the destination for fried chicken in the city.” – Doug Stephen, Co-Owner, The Downlow Chicken Shack.

The Hot Chicken offering is actually a dish from the duo’s other restaurant — Merchant’s Workshop, also on Commercial Drive.

Hot Chicken is Merchant’s Workshop’s Sunday Special, which often were lined up for and sold out, leading guests to say they should keep their chicken on the “down-low”.  And that’s how the name of The Downlow Chicken Shack came about.

The Downlow Chicken Shack is located at 905 Commercial Drive and open from Tuesday to Sundaynoon to 9pm, or until chicken runs out.  Prices start from $9 for a quarter bird up to $32 for a whole bird, with multiple large format options. For more information, please visit


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