Mintage – opening on West 4th (October 17, 2008)

Mintage Vintage is coming to West 4th! Also located in Gastown and on Commercial Drive, this vintage clothing and accessories store is perhaps best known for it’s clothing by the pound sales. At price points including $5, $10 and $15 for a pound of clothing, Mintage Vintage would be a great place to shop for unique textile patterns or for clothing to cut up and alter…or even for Halloween! Earlier this year, at their Commercial Drive location, they had an innovative $5/bag sale: buy a bag for $5 and take home all the clothing you can stuff into it! It’ll be interesting to see how a store like this will fit into the Kitsilano neighbourhood…

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A Change of Perspective

Changes offers shoppers “lightly used” designer clothing, for “real women”. The clothing is both from consignment and store buy-outs, ranging from $20- $160, and accessories from local and Canadian hand craft designers, ranging from $3 -$60. Changes strives to provide for the modern women who is not constrained by sizes or media influences because, “size means absolutely squat!”

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LAV & KUSH – Fashiow Show

The Lav & Kush Fall 2008 Fashion Show at Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street) was a great preview to its autumn collection. As the models paced briskly down the catwalk, with a single peacock feather adorning their hair, the loose-fitting and comfortable pieces from Lav & Kush flowed down the runway. The colors were generally solid, dark blocks but with a hint of subtle playfulness; the occasional ruffle, pleat or pocket makes the look less ordinary.

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Spend on Trend – 2008 Review

With over 20 booths this year at Spend on Trend, the event was more personable than a trade exhibition but much classier than a stereotypical craft fair, it was a diverse yet lovely opportunity to converse with the individual designers. And each artist had so much to say about their creations – from belts to hair accessories, from Chinese silk to leather and from Victoria to Montreal, Spend on Trend captured the essence of Canadian design with a national diversity. Each item had its own story, and each artist told it well; a narrative of their background, their inspiration, their hopes and their dreams.

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Fans of “sophisticated” men’s high-fashion, expensive goods and the obscure in general may take interest in dropping by the Komakino. Currently located in 111 East Pender St. in Chinatown Vancouver, this “Guerrilla Shop” has covered various downtown locations, frequently moving around with little attempt at raising its awareness to the general public.

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