LAV & KUSH – Fashiow Show

The Lav & Kush Fall 2008 Fashion Show at Heritage Hall (3102 Main Street) was a great preview to its autumn collection. Named after two royal descendents who were forest-raised in Hindu Mythology, the Lav & Kush line strives to embody the beauty, strength and lovableness from the mythical story of nature.

As the models paced briskly down the catwalk, with a single peacock feather adorning their hair, the loose-fitting and comfortable pieces from Lav & Kush flowed down the runway. The colors were generally solid, dark blocks but with a hint of subtle playfulness; the occasional ruffle, pleat or pocket makes the look less ordinary.

One piece which stood out in particular to me was a violet and cranberry colored dress with a paisley-inspired pattern on silky smooth fabric [see picture].

Style & Sustainability. Beauty & Awareness. Who says you can’t have it all?
The video below is a short clip of the Law and Kush fashion show.



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