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Space Salon – Hair Stylist Hunter McLeod

Having left 7 years ago to pursue a career and life in New York, hair stylist Hunter McLeod returns to Vancouver at Space Salon (528 West Broadway at Cambie). He …

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Halloween Craze Costumes & Accessories Store (309 West Broadway)

Just in time for the Halloween season, Halloween Craze, a pop-up costume and accessories store (309 West Broadway) has opened to the Vancouver public.  For most people, Halloween is a …

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VanEats – “Maurya’s Spice” dining pass

Tonight was not my first time visiting Maurya – in fact, this upscale Indian restaurant on West Broadway is one of my favourite Indian restaurants in the city. For tonight’s …

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Get Spoiled at Spoiled Nail Bar (1445 West Broadway)

I admit, I do not frequent the nail salon as often as I should (just look at my boy nails and you’ll understand), but I have gotten my nails done …


Caffè Cittadella (2310 Ash Street x W. 7th Ave)

When it comes to coffeeshops in Vancouver, Caffè Cittadella (“espresso bar and bistro”) is a rare neighbourhood gem that’s off the beaten path. Not quite at Cambie Street, but not …

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Modern Mix Monday – Moderne Burger

Looking for something to do? Every Monday morning, we present to you “Modern Mix Monday”, a brief but link-filled one-liner review of our past weekend loaded with suggestions to inspire you for your next!

I had lunch on Sunday afternoon with Miranda Sam of Style By Fire at Moderne Burger (2507 West Broadway). It’s such a cute little diner! The restaurant recently went through renovations and an expansion, but the joint has still managed to maintain its retro feel with mint-green walls and aluminum paneling. There were booths against the wall and windows, paper placemats and stools for sitting placed around the counter… As Miranda brought up, if this was in New York, the area would be much more crowded and less laid back with people rushing to eat their burgers while multitasking and reading the newspaper with a coffee in hand. The burgers were pretty good too – not much menu selection, but about $7.45 for a burger (ie. veggie, ground turkey, steak, etc.), and $1.25 for additional toppings including mushrooms, cheese or fried onions. I got a turkey burger, plain as can be, and it still tasted good. No fries, no milkshake ;).