Bombay Sapphire – event at the Shangri-La Hotel

It was a highly educational evening as we learned that Bombay Sapphire is no ordinary gin. Instead, it is a premium gin like no other and highly unique. 10 perfectly balanced botanicals obtained from various regions of the world are infused and released upon drinking it. These botanicals include almonds and lemon peel from Spain, grains of paradise from West Africa, liquorice from China, and orris root from Italy to name a few. Each ingredient complements another and are carefully added such that no single botanical overpowers another. The natural flavours are infused to create a subtle yet highly aromatic taste and thus, appeals to both gin and non-gin drinkers.

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Suki’s Hair Show

From updos, to long tousled hair, to sleek bob cuts, the stylists at Suki’s can do them all. Most notably was the use of hair pieces and extensions to enhance the models, transforming their look into an almost space-like creation. Pre-made accessories were inserted into the hair, creating thicker texture, higher volume and more intricate hair styles. The audience came for a show, and a performance was what they got. Burlesque dancers came on stage with extravagant headpieces. Shortly after, models dressed in fashion outfits made completely out of paper walked across the stage, one with fiery red hair which contrasted the whiteness of her paper outfit.

Keep on reading for photos and video footage from the event!

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Bike The Blossoms 2009

Modern Mix Vancouver hit Bike The Blossoms 2009, as the preferred way to spend a sunny Saturday after a morning of exams. This event, organized by the 2009 Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and Slow Food Vancouver, offered bikers of all kinds a flower-laden bike route through the city, and many interesting stops along the way. Some of the unique events included an invitation to sample cherry blossom tea at Steep’s Tea, an out of the ordinary cow-milking presentation at Kits Community Centre, and tours through the inspiring urban farming demonstration at City Farmer Urban Agricultural Centre.

Keep reading for MMV’s “Top 6” for the day!

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R.TL – Regional Tasting Lounge

Modern Mix Vancouver was invited to Yaletown’s r.tl (1130 Mainland Street) last week for a sampling of its new regional features. In case you missed the first article, r.tl’s menu is split into three sections, with each section featuring five to six small plates inspired from a distinct region of the world. The featured regions rotate on a three month basis, with the exception of BC, which is a constant on the menu.

A quick peek at the menu reveals that executive chef Erik Smith has chosen Portugal and France to join BC as its regional features for the next three months. The 50-seat establishment is chic and trendy, with dark wood furniture contrasted by contemporary white chairs.

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Vancouver Fashion Week 2009

It’s that time of the year again. And with a website name like “Modern Mix Vancouver”, it’s only appropriate that we cover the 9th annual Vancouver Fashion Week, which takes place at Storyeum. The opening gala last night at Leone (757 West Hastings Street) featured a melange of fashionable designers, models, media and photographers.

A widespread range of chocolates by Daniel was available for sampling, wine was served in the back corner of the spacious venue, and jewelry and accessories were displayed on glass counter tops as members of the fashion industry mingled and networked throughout the evening. Keep on reading for show schedules, designer highlights, a photography gallery as well as a discount coupon for VFW.

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The “Boyfriend Blazer”

Despite the crazy Vancouver weather, spring is almost upon us and that means getting rid of the heavy winter parkas and exchanging them for a lighter option. Ironically, this new piece in my wardrobe came from raiding my mom’s closet before she left on vacation. A black, three-button tailored, “longer-than-average” BCBG blazer which can only now be labeled as a “boyfriend blazer”.

Occasionally described as retro or vintage, my personal description of The Boyfriend Blazer is more “stylish corporate”. This fairly new label in the fashion world allows a casual outfit to be dressed up with added style, without feeling out of place. Continue reading for five ways to wear The Boyfriend Blazer.