six flavours of boosh plant-based brand of frozen food
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Boosh Food: Plant-Based Frozen Comfort Meals

When I ask other moms about the most helpful post-partum support they’ve received, the number one answer across the board is: food. Bring new moms food for us to eat.  …

its not bacon salad topper
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Introducing: Vancouver’s “It’s Not Bacon!” Bacon-Flavoured Coconut Flakes

After several months of research, development, experimentation, dozens of test batches, and name-changes, they came up with what they think is “the best darn non-bacon bacon in the history of bacon!!”

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MMV Weekend Brunch Series: Graze Vegetarian Restaurant (3980 Fraser Street)

The concept behind Graze Restaurant originates from a deep-rooted passion in owner Michael Lyons’ vegetarian lifestyle and concern for animals and our environment. Although the menu offerings at Graze are suited towards all lifestyles, I can see why customers with a dietary restriction will enjoy being at a restaurant which will go the extra mile to cater towards their needs.

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Lush Cosmetics – Emotional Brilliance

Lush wants to help you get in touch with your emotions with the launch of Emotional Brilliance – their newest cosmetics line made to match your mood. Each bottle of liquid makeup is meant to reflect your unique emotional state. With more than 20+ colors to chose from there are endless combinations with fitting names to reflect your mood like “passionate”, “calm” and “strong”

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Lush – “Happy Feet”

By Carolyn Fung, Modern Mix Vancouver writer Summer is finally here and it’s time for sandals, flip-flops, and colorful pedicures to take centre stage. Ready to arm your feet with …