Lush – “Happy Feet”

By Carolyn Fung, Modern Mix Vancouver writer

Summer is finally here and it’s time for sandals, flip-flops, and colorful pedicures to take centre stage. Ready to arm your feet with the ultimate foot care essentials, Lush has created a heaven sent package appropriately named Happy Feet.

This limited edition bundle of joy (literally!) comes in a cute knot wrap featuring 4 products that will make you feet feel like your walking on Cloud 9.  Here’s what you can expect to find inside:

  • Volcano Foot Mask – My favorite part of the package . A clay mask meant to help cleanse, deodorize, and freshen your feet, a thin layer of this goes a long way and makes you feet feel instantly loved.
  • Gee Phyzz Bath Bomb – After washing off the foot mask, I broke half the bath bomb into my foot soak and enjoyed the soothing scents of pine, sandalwood and cypress.
  • Stepping Stone Foot Scrub – A gentle way to soften and rough spots on your foot. Using this non greasy, pumice and lemoongprass scrub.
  • Fair Trade Foot Lotion – To complete the experience this foot lotion is peppermint-scented leaving your feet feeling fresh, moisturized and totally spoiled.

As with all LUSH products, Happy Feet is handmade entirely of natural products. Bonus: this bundle includes instructions on how you can re-use the knot-wrap after you are finished.  Happy Feet is now available at all LUSH locations in Vancouver for an affordable $24.99.


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