Weekend Brunch Series – Homer St. Cafe & Bar

Inspired by a 1930’s French Bistro, this contemporary corner restaurant on the edge of Yaletown has a “new-vintage” feel to it. The open concept “Chef’s Bar” allows you to see what’s cooking (or roasting) in the kitchen, while oversized windows brighten up the restaurant, even on a rainy day, with an open and airy feel.

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Healthy Snacks to Munch on All Summer Long

Are you bored of bringing the same chips and dip to your social gatherings? We have some new suggestions for you to try out. Whether it’s for your next picnic, barbecue or house party, these snacks will keep you munching all summer long!

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A Pop of Flavor with Sucette’s Cake Pops

Relatively new to the baking scene, Sucette’s cake pops have already carved out a niche in the industry. Priding themselves on flavor, Sucette’s cake pops are baked in a special mold and then rolled in a thin layer of chocolate.

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