My First 3-Day Juice Cleanse Experience

I just finished my first juice cleanse and wanted to share my experience on Modern Mix Vancouver for anyone else who may be interested in “re-setting” their digestive system and giving their bodies a concentrated boost of nutrition.

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Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival (April 19 to 25, 2010)

The Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival, Canada’s premier wine show, runs from April 19 to 25, 2010. The Playhouse Wine Festival is one of the biggest and oldest wine festival events in the world. The featured theme regions for 2010 will be Argentina and New Zealand with the global focus of rosé. The festival features a week of special events including a gala auction, wine seminars, wine minglers, winery dinners, lunches and brunches at fine restaurants and hotels. To purchase tickets online, click here.

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Vancouver 2010 Olympics – Irish House

I went to the Olympic Irish House (620 Nelson Street) preview last night, a 9,000 square-foot pavilion house which is open to the public between February 8th to 28th. Located in a makeshift tent beside Doolins Irish Pub, this country pavillion reminds me of a typical beer garden crossed with a sports bar – complete with TV projections, a Nintendo Wii Station and a live band. Drink tickets can be bought for $8 to $9 – a preview of Olympics prices for the next month. There are two separate balconies accessible by stairs, and a sales booth by the entrance selling Celtic patterned jewelry. Click for photos and to continue reading.

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Smiley’s Public House

The The Donnelly Hospitality Management group (Pop Opera, Bar None, Library Square, etc.) has reopened the downtown pub Smiley’s as “Smiley’s Public House” (911 West Pender Street).

The space has been given a sleek makeover that has drawn both thankful regulars and new clientele. Smiley’s Public House delivers the style of a modern, British-style pub while retaining the warmth and character of a traditional pub. The open-concept room boasts 240 seats and a range of table sizes, including 16-seat picnic tables. Guests come in to loosen their ties, tuck into modern pub food, watch a football match and engage in good-natured banter around the pool table. The dance floor brims on busier nights, and a DJ spins to the after-work crowd on Fridays.

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Caprice Winter Wonderland Party

So I ended up going to Caprice’s Winter Wonderland Party on Thursday night. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was postal mailed invitations to this special event! And because i actually went, I guess that makes me a victim of direct-mail marketing!
Nonetheless, I had quite a good time on Thursday night. However, I was a little bit disappointed by being mislead by the Caprice invitations I was sent. “Free cover” with a minimum $10 donation to the “John Kerasiotis Foundation”. “Free drinks” with a minimum $10 donation to the “John Kerasiotis Foundation” Foundation. (For all we know, that can be the owner’s name! (Which it’s not … but potentially!) Actually…I just tried to Google the name to link to it and couldn’t find anything relevant. Sketch, much? Can anyone confirm?
Anyway, thank goodness we got our re-entry stamps early and didn’t have to stand in the notorious lineup for 30+ minutes. Apparently they were serving meat skewers and other appies at the beginning of the night. Overall, I was pleased with the music and its selection of not-so-mainstream progressive and electro house beats and even more impressed that the dance floor didn’t clear out as soon as a non-radio song was played. Steve Angello, Deadmau5, Benny Benassi … you get the idea? We were horrified when the ever-so-depressing “Last Christmas” remix was played, but nonetheless, a couple of holiday tunes were creatively spun into the to 40 dance mix. Overall, I like the Caprice as a venue with its open dance floor and its balcony overlooking the first floor. Bouncers can be a bit unfriendly at times, and the lineup unreasonable, but in general…decent, decent.

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