Vancouver 2010 Olympics – Irish House

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I went to the Olympic Irish House (620 Nelson Street) preview last night, a 9,000 square-foot pavilion house which is open to the public between February 8th to 28th.  Located in a makeshift tent beside Doolins Irish Pub, this country pavillion reminds me of a typical beer garden crossed with a sports bar – complete with TV projections, a Nintendo Wii Station and a live band.  Drink tickets can be bought for $8 to $9 – a preview of Olympics prices for the next month.  There are two separate balconies accessible by stairs, and a sales booth by the entrance selling Celtic patterned jewelry.

The Irish House will be a welcoming gathering place with a boisterous traditional Celtic atmosphere, with amenities for individuals to enjoy and for corporate clients to entertain guests.  During the day, the pavilion will feature family-friendly entertainment with music and cultural exhibits.  Multiple televisions and projection screens will run highlights of the Games.  In the evenings, the true Irish pub culture will come to life, and visitors will experience a party where it will feel like every day is a St. Patrick’s Day party.

There’s a food station near the entrance of the tent serving typical bar food.  The “Dublin Grub Menu” consists of snacks including Sausage Rolls ($4), Cornish Pasties ($5) and a dozen chicken wings ($7.50).  Burgers and Hot Dogs(“Smokies”) are between $6 to $9.  Hot entrees are $8 to $10, with Irish specialties including Steak & Guinness Pie,Corned Beef & Cabbage and Irish Stew.  Cold wraps (Chicken Salad, Black Forest Ham & Swiss and Vegetarian) are $7.50 each.


Irish House 2010


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  1. Please shut this place down… I have not been able to sleep all weekend… Had to leave work early to come home and sleep.. Still could not sleep with the noise in the afternoon… Do you think the major would allow this in his back yard.

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