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Sally Hansen – Nail Art Pens


I saw some Sally Hansen nail art pens at London Drugs the other day. Thought it was cool how they came in 8 different colors – white, black, light pink, hot pink, blue, red, silver and gold. The packaging has inspiring looks about what you can do with your nail art pen – from a black/red checkerboard pattern, to flowers, to diagonal stripes and stars.

Developed to dispense just the right amount of color, the precision-tip pen helps you instantly customize your nails and toes so you can design and go. Create styles seen on celebrities, nail art websites or your own styles – the options are endless. Just press the pen point to activate nail color and start designing your own nails, then seal with topcoat when your design is complete.

Some alternative suggestions includes tipping your nails in different colors – like a french manicure but with funkier colors! Or writing letters on your nails to spell out a message. This product retails for $7.95 at selected drugstores across Canada.

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Sally Hansen – Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Soy Cuticle Oil


Hangnails. Dry cuticles. Annoying dry skin around the edges of your nails can definitely take away from an otherwise glamorous self-manicure. That’s why Sally Hansen’s “Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Soy Cuticle Oil” is a great product to use to prevent future cuticle damage and add flexibility to you nails.

Nail Nutrition Green Tea + Soy Cuticle Oil instantly softens, moothes and nourishes dry cuticles. Exclusive Green Tea + Soy formula, powered up with Antioxidants and Vitamins nourish rough, ragged cuticles and helps soothe and soften hangnails.

Product retails for $7.99 at selected drugstores across Canada.

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Sally Hansen – “Complete Salon Manicure” nailpolish line


Probably inspired by my friend Naomi and the ever-changing colors of her nails, I’ve been trying out different nailpolish lines to see what I like best. For example, MMV has previously featured Lippmann Collection and Sula’s Paint and Peel Nailpolish. But for the latest and greatest, Sally Hansen just came out with a “complete salon manicure” nailpolish line which works in five different ways to help improve your home-manicure experience:
1. As a Base Coat – smoothes out imperfections for a flawless surface.
2. As a Growth Treatment – protects problem nails, allowing them to grow longer and stronger.
3. As a Strengthener – reinforces nails to help resist splits, chips and cracks.
4. As a High-Intensity Colour – glides on concentrated pigments in two coats for a salon-quality manicure.
5. As a Top Coat – provides extra protection and brilliant shine.
I love the shape of the nailpolish brush – really flat and broad to paint the color on smoothly. I tried the color “Yellow Kitty” (a springy pastel shade of yellow, uncommon in nailpolish colors) and found that I had to apply three coats to get that smooth, lacquered look. Perhaps you will only need two coats for the darker colors. Sally Hansen’s “Complete Salon Manicure” is available in 42 new shades (wow!) and retails for $7.95 at select drugstores and mass retailers across Canada for Spring/Summer 2010.

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