Sally Hansen – Chrome Nail Colour Pens

I got sent two of Sally Hansen’s Chrom Nail Colour Pens in Green Chrome and Purple Chrome. This was my first experience with using nailpolish pens. Prior to this, I was only familiar with OPI Nicole’s “Nic’s Sticks” and I was told that the nailpolish formula was quite watery and streaky.  Anyway, I never thought I would be someone to put the nailpolish in my purse for touch-ups (Who bothers? Just wait until you get home!) but alas, I have been converted!  In fact, in a rush to my birthday dinner last weekend, I painted my nails Purple Chrome in the car using Sally Hansen’s Color Quick pen!  Then yesterday, I touched up my chipped nails at the beach.  Spill proof, fast drying and therefore super convenient – as the slogan says, just “Click, Color & Go”.  Somehow, because of the shape of the nailpolish pen brush, or maybe just the way I was holding the pen, I surprised myself by coloring “inside the lines” and not at all spilling over my nail.  So show off those nails! With 8 new chrome shades, I’m sure you will be able to find a color to welcome in the summer sunshine!  This product retails at $7.95 and is available in selected drug and mass retailers across Canada for Spring/Summer 2010.


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