Qoola Frozen Yogurt + Fruit

Qoola Frozen Yogurt + Fruit offers the great taste and atmosphere of a regular dessert destination, with the added bonus of being excellent for your health. The store offers Vancouver’s only fresh frozen yogurt, as well as organic whole grain waffles with free-range eggs, fresh crepes, daily-prepared fruit, smoothies, and popular acai berry bowls.

Qoola tops traditional ice cream and dessert outlets, not only because of its deliciousness, but also due to its 135-calorie serving size of their small Qoolala (6 oz), loaded with active bacterial cultures which aid in reducing the effects of lactose intolerance, boosts the immune system, and increases brain stimulation.

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QOOLA – Grand Opening Party (Feb. 14th)

Modern Mix Vancouver visited Qoola (1116 Denman Street at Davie) for frozen yogurt and sampled four different flavors of fresh frozen yogurt, ate two full sized yogurts topped with fruit, had a waffle topped with syrup and fresh fruit, and a bowl of super-healthy acai breakfast bowl with bananas and got sent off two cups of tea for the road. With our brains loaded full of information about business plans, green initiatives, a commitment to freshness, grassroots marketing and our tummies full of frozen yogurt, we are excited to be working on an upcoming article featuring Qoola.
In the meantime, check them out for yourselves at Qoola’s in-store official grand opening party this Saturday, February 14th from noon to midnight. Anyone who brings in 2 cans of non-expired food on that date will receive a free Small “Qoolala” with 1 topping of your choice. All canned food will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.
Facebook Event: HERE.
Evite: HERE.

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