Living Produce Aisle – Now Open in Gastown

Coined as “bringing the go-local movement to life”, Vancouverites can now purchase their own fresh greens year-round at Living Produce Aisle (66 E. Cordova St). With its official opening taking place this weekend, take a trip into Gastown to this indoor marketplace offering fresh greens, herbs, vegetables, raw shakes and wheatgrass shots.

Starting from local entrepreneur Tarren Wolfe’s vision of creating Urban Cultivator, Living Produce Aisle houses 20 Urban Cultivator Commercial units so local produce is literally grown in-store. With plans to supply fresh herbs and greens to local restaurants such as Nicli Antica Pizzeria and Vicino Pasteria & Deli, Living Produce will grow over 1000 pounds of greens a month in perfect conditions year round.

If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, be a ‘locavore’ and indulge in a healthy diet, this indoor farm-market-like grocer may be an exact fit.


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  1. This unit is so loud and obnoxiousness every time the pump turns on i want to hang myself. Its really messy with the dirt and not to mention mold and rot. It looks nice in a picture, but it is not really practical, and does not grow herbs fast enough to consume them. When you call them for help they just basically tell you its your fault they dont grow fast enough and its your fault that there is mold growing, i dont need a support line if they are just going to get defensive and say its my fault. I can get that off internet blogs…. May as well just buy organic herbs and have a nice graden in the summer. Maybe even an areogarden in the winter they are cheep and do the same thing. Disappointed in my wife for getting me to order this thing, we got rid of our dishwasher for this thing too. Do not recommend not happy with the purchase,.

  2. Hi Jacks,

    First and foremost, we wish to express our regret that you are unhappy with our product, and more importantly that you feel we haven’t provided you with the customer service we pride ourselves on possessing. I am unaware of your previous calls to us, and I would love the chance to speak to you personally about your concerns. We do offer personal 7-days-a-week support to anyone, and you are welcome to call me direct with any questions or for support @ 1-877-352-0490 ext.101, Tarren Wolfe, Founder Urban Cultivator

    To immediately address some of your concerns; however, I did want to stress that we spent a lot of time and put extreme care into the design of our appliance to ensure it worked both efficiently and quietly. We are proud and confident in our design and back it with a full, 3-year warranty on all its parts.

    With regard to the length of time it takes to grow various herbs or micro greens, we do offer a wide selection of 20-30 various seeds with which you can grow 1-3 pounds of fresh greens/flat in as little as 7-10 days. For guidance and support in cultivating and growing your greens you may check out our website page that provides specific growing instructions or feel free to call us and we are happy to walk you through the growing process.

    And with respect to using soil, you do have the option to not use soil and we would be happy to walk you through setting up your cultivator using a soil-free option.

    We have received so much positive feedback and love from the numerous restaurants who have invested and now benefit from the use of an Urban Cultivator. Award winning restaurants such as Yew – Four Seasons – Vancouver, Oru – Fairmont – Pacific Rim – Vancouver, Sidecut Restaurant – Four Seasons – Whistler, Banff Convention Center, etc, etc). These restaurants have provided us with feedback that they can now produce higher quality, higher nutritional value and better tasting greens, which are free from pesticides or other chemicals, to serve to their customers. Another benefit they receive from using an Urban Cultivator – commercial model is lowering their carbon footprint by being able to grow herbs and micro greens in-house, year round. Their maintenance time is approx 30-min a week and to date we haven’t received any negative feedback from the chefs who use our appliance about getting their hands or clothes dirty from planting or handling fresh herbs as it tends to be therapeutic.

    We truly appreciate your feedback and of learning your concerns, and would welcome the opportunity to speak to you or anyone with similar concerns personally.

    Please call us 7-days-a-week at 1-877-352-0490

    Tarren Wolfe

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