What You’ll Find at Pure Design Shoppe in Lonsdale

Home decor for me is an ever evolving project that is never quite finished and continually improved and added to over time. In recent years — moving to a bigger home, working from a home office, going through new mom life — we’ve spent more family time than ever just hanging out at home. Meaning I’m very dedicated to building a space I love spending time in with my little family with decor items whose aesthetic brings me joy.


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I was recently invited to shop at PURE Design Shoppe which is the new retail boutique from award-winning interior designer Ami McKay of PURE Design Inc., a Vancouver based full-service interior design firm founded in 2000 that also offers construction management. PURE Design specializes in sustainable product design, beautiful interiors, and creating joyous healthy spaces. Last year, Ami launched a retail shoppe and online store, with their own product lines currently in development.

Inspired by her experience volunteering in her early 20’s in Bihar, an impoverished region of India, PURE Shoppe allows Ami to bring ethically sourced, artisan goods to shoppers throughout North America.

Every item on display was handpicked by Ami herself, with a focus on handcrafted artisan items sourced from around the world. In my own shopping experience at PURE, I came across an abundance of organically shaped ceramics and serving boards, beautifully textured throw pillows and rugs, modern art, and locally crafted candles and room sprays. All the pieces are show home quality, with a minimalist, timeless aesthetic for every day use.


Ami Mckay Pure Design Shoppe
Ami McKay, founder, Pure Design Shoppe.
Ami Mckay Pure Design Shoppe
Pure Design Shoppe in Lonsdale.

To check out PURE Shoppe for yourself, visit in person at 161 1st St E in North Vancouver or shop online and get 20% off with code “MODERNMIXVAN”. 🏡


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