ARITZIA – Wilfred Clothing gets its own website!

Update: Wilfred opens its second standalone boutique at Pacific Centre.


I love Wilfred Clothing! – my favorite in-house brand at Aritzia, aimed between women ages 23 to 35, which debuted in February 2006. I am super excited that it got its own website and I wanted to share the link with the rest of Vancouver: Their current layout features styles and clothing items from Fall 2008. From my observations – lots of dark colors and layering pieces. Enjoy!


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  1. Too bad Aritzia has such a bad return policy – no returns for any sale items. Clothes I want are never in stock, and I don’t want to order them online if can’t return for a full refund. Besides, I am uncomfortable with Aritzia’s no mirror in a dressing room policy.

    1. I know, right? The return policy and fitting rooms are a huge downside to shopping there. When it comes to fitting rooms, though, I’ve found that if I’m shopping at Wilfred/Aritzia, I can quickly grab a bodysuit or bralette, then I have an excuse to use a fitting room with a mirror inside (they typically have one per store). I just ask for that fitting room “because I have an undergarment”, and they give me no trouble. Not a perfect solution, but it’s a workaround.

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