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Space: A New Salon Experience

From Modern Mix Vancouver’s humble beginnings in 2008, we’ve always had a supporter in the charismatic and down-to-earth Michael Levine. Always changing with the times, Levine’s the creator of salon such as Caramel, Statik and Tao, the former two which he has abandoned for his latest project, Space Salon (528 West Broadway at Cambie).

Space is Levine’s conception inspired by New York based Ted Gibson Salon and Arrojo Studio, and the family of Cromeans Salons in San Diego. He spent time throwing ideas around with the three salon owners and has taken design and service ideation, mixing his own ideals of what a salon’s environment and service should be like. The defining feature of Space is that owner Michael Levine focuses each process of the salon experience and creates customized areas for each.

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