Panty By Post

A slim, discreet packet is dropped off in your postbox with no sign of the sender except for a feminine “Panty by Post” emblem. A Canadian stamp neatly occupies one corner of the lightweight package. What surprise is this? Who can this enticing gift be from? Alluring. Mysterious. Secretive. Enticing. Provocative. Sexy. Surprising.

At the Best of 604 awards, I met Lori Sholzberg, one of half the best-friend duo of the newly launched Panty By Post . The concept is simple, customers can sign up online to receive a surprise pair of panties, postal mailed, each month for up to twelve months. Customers have a choice of 1-, 6, and 12-month packages: the “Sexy Single”, the “Sultry Six” or the “Commitment”.

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