UGG Footwear – Pastels for Spring 2011

Traditionally, I’ve always thought of UGG footwear as black/brown/tan colored boots that you wear during the winter (but never in the rain). Not anymore! As winter changes to spring, so will your clunky winter UGG footwear to lighter styles. With colors like Orchid Bloom, Frosted Mint, Dusty Thistle and more, UGGs will sure brighten up your spring footwear wardrobe this season.

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Times Profile Shop x Alternative Apparel

Just launched in February was The Times Profile Shop x Alternative Apparel collection, a casual lifestyle apparel brand with a focus on comfort in a free-spirited, earthy way; fashion basics for creative individuals who prize comfort, craftsmanship, community and authenticity.
Hand-crafted with their signature vintage softness, each piece is designed for fashion, made for comfort and tailored for a flawless fit. Alternative Apparel’s mission is about more than just designing clothes that look and feel great. Rather, they seek to encourage alternative ways of thinking and empower positive change by inspiring our community with fashion and experiences that reinforce comfort—inside and out.

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A|X – 3D Glasses

With the popularity of 3D movies on the rise, Armani Exchange has leveraged the trend with a stylish new accessory.  Always on the cutting edge of technology and style, Armani Exchange continues to create innovative products that directly target the A|X Generation with their first ever 3D Glasses. The perfect fusion of 80’s retro design and modern appeal, the Armani Exchange 3D glasses meet the highest standards required for 3D movie theater viewing.  Gives a whole new meaning to wearing your sunglasses at night!  I haven’t had a chance to try them out, but if you have, drop me a line and tell me your thoughts!  These glasses are available for $58 at the Robson Street location of A|X in Vancouver.

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