“Get Shaky with Zed” featuring DJ Ian Carey (Thurs. November 19)

“Baby get shaky after school….” does that sound familiar to you? So go the lyrics of DJ Ian Carey‘s most well-known track, Get Shaky and he’s coming to Vancouver on Thursday November 19th, in collaboration with Zed Denim.
Caprice Nightclub will be transformed into a Hollywood / Las Vegas style party. “Complete with a red carpet, photographers, custom decor, exclusive VIP areas, beautiful models, hostesses and classy go-go dancers. It will definitely be a place and night for the exclusive elites of the industry and party go’ers to see and be seen.” Get your tickets now from Clubzone for only $20 (earlybird).

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Modern Mix Monday – The Redroom

Looking for something to do? Every Monday morning, we present to you “Modern Mix Monday”, a brief but link-filled one-liner review of our past weekend loaded with suggestions to inspire you for your next!

Do you like electronic music? Trance, progressive house, and electro house – Believe on Saturday nights at Redroom has it all! The electronic scene in Vancouver is relatively small, but Believe at The Redroom (398 Richards Street) is filled with a crowd who enjoy and appreciate this music genre. The venue has a great layout with its open dance floor and a second backroom, but overall, it’s a little bit grungy and in need of some major upgrades and renovations. The beloved back corridor, with its black walls and neon space scene makes it a popular picture taking location. I remember when I first went to Redroom, I felt like I was in a maze with back corridors and passages and steps leading up, down and around the DJ booth. (There’s also a third secret room hidden in the wall, but I won’t get into that right now…) It keeps things interesting. I also like how there are separate entrances and exits to avoid crowding. Cover is $15 but there are a ton of “black cards” and VIP passes floating around so if you can get your hands on a couple of those, it’ll save you a ton of cash. Nonetheless, when party-goers congregate at a club solely for the music, nothing else matters. If you’re designated driver for the night, there is a parking lot just around the corner (on West Cordova and Richards) where you can park for $2 for four hours at night!!

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