Domo Tea – “Vanilla Cloud” flavour-infused matcha

Domo Tea - Vanilla Cloud
Not too long ago, I wrote a posting on Modern Mix Vancouver about Domo Tea’s Chocolate Ecstasy Flavoured Infused Matcha. With the same craving for a sweet healthy drink this morning, I opened my new can of “Vanilla Cloud” flavour-infused matcha, which happens to be Domo Tea’s top selling product.

Vanilla Cloud has a rich silky texture and a mild matcha flavour enhanced with natural vanilla. Made with organic matcha tea, organic evaporated cane juice, and all natural flavours. Contains no cholesterol and no saturated or trans fats.

As a personal preference, I enjoyed the vanilla more than the chocolate flavour – I thought it blended better with the matcha taste. To intensify the vanilla aroma, you can top up your drink with vanilla-flavored soy milk. At $10 for a 100g package in a resealable can, Vancouver-based Domo Tea products are available at several groccery stores (especially health/natural food stores) in our city, including Urban Fare and Capers.

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DOMO – “Chocolate Ecstasy” Flavour-Infused Matcha

Domo Chocolate Matcha

This morning, despite the Vancouver sunshine, I was craving a warm beverage of some sort and came across a powder sample of Domo’s “Chocolate Ecstasy Matcha“. I’m pretty sure I got this little packet in a goodie bag from some sort of MMV-related event I went to several months ago, but haven’t had a chance to try this until now.

Chocolate Ecstasy fuses the soothing warmth of hot chocolate with the healthy and exotic taste of organic matcha, so you get the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect drink for a frosty winter morning or a cozy evening in. And you can use it to make an amazing chocolate martini or three, if you’re having one of those nights.

More chocolate than green tea match, this presweetened drink is easy to prepare. Just add a bit of hot water to dissolve the powder and top up with milk or a soy substitute for your daily calcium fix. This product is available at several groccery stores (especially health/natural food stores) in Vancouver, including Urban Fare and Capers.

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QOOLA – Grand Opening Party (Feb. 14th)

Modern Mix Vancouver visited Qoola (1116 Denman Street at Davie) for frozen yogurt and sampled four different flavors of fresh frozen yogurt, ate two full sized yogurts topped with fruit, had a waffle topped with syrup and fresh fruit, and a bowl of super-healthy acai breakfast bowl with bananas and got sent off two cups of tea for the road. With our brains loaded full of information about business plans, green initiatives, a commitment to freshness, grassroots marketing and our tummies full of frozen yogurt, we are excited to be working on an upcoming article featuring Qoola.
In the meantime, check them out for yourselves at Qoola’s in-store official grand opening party this Saturday, February 14th from noon to midnight. Anyone who brings in 2 cans of non-expired food on that date will receive a free Small “Qoolala” with 1 topping of your choice. All canned food will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.
Facebook Event: HERE.
Evite: HERE.

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Pearl Drops Teahouse – Open Teahouse Cocktail Night (Saturday Feb. 7, 2009)

My friend Melody from Cup of Red sent me an invitation to Pearl Drops Teahouse‘s “Open Teahouse Cocktail Night” @ 422 Willingdon Avenue in Burnaby. If you’re in the area, you should stop by for tea beverage sampling and yummy hord ‘oeuvres from 7pm to 10pm. There will also be door prizes. Who knows, maybe this will be your new favorite watering hole for Asian beverages and more! For more information, check out the Facebook Event.

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