Yogen Früz – Chai Latté flavour launches on March 19


I sure love my chai tea! How about in Frozen Yogurt? On March 19,  Yogen Früz is unveiling its newest and most highly anticipated flavor Chai Latté in its NÜmixes portfolio at stores across North America. Yogen Früz’s Chai Latté is blended with low-fat or non-fat frozen yogurt providing you with a healthy alternative to your everyday coffee-break.

Yogen Früz prides itself on providing a one of a kind frozen yogurt experience including two unique elements that set it apart from its competitors. Other brands which simply provide an assortment of toppings, Yogen Früz’s proprietary blending process allows customers the opportunity to choose from an array of fresh fruits to create a personalized frozen yogurt treat. In addition, Yogen Früz’s NÜmixes program offers a fun spin on original flavors including: Chocolate Almond, Key Lime Pie, Piña Colada, and introducing the newest flavor Chai Latté.

Yogen Früz is offered in low-fat, non-fat and no-sugar-added frozen yogurt options, which can be custom blended with a large assortment of fresh fruit and/or sweet crunchy toppings in a cup or blended into a nutritious fat-free, ice-free dairy or non-dairy smoothie. Yogen Früz adds one billion viable probiotic cultures to each serving of healthy yogurt. Probiotics have been shown to help with healthy digestion, immune system support, better mineral absorption and assist with lactose intolerance.

Whether you are looking for a healthy snack alternative, or to just enjoy a tasty frozen dessert or nutritious smoothie, Yogen Früz offers more than just a delicious treat; each bite provides the body with essential vitamins to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. With its added assortment of NÜmixes, Yogen Früz maintains its position as industry leader – consistently creating innovative ways to enjoy frozen yogurt.


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