Aritzia – “Snooze You Lose” Sale (begins Thursday Feb. 5, 2009)

It’s that time of year again! The Aritzia “Snooze You Lose” sale started today, February 5th with 50% to 70% off select fall and winter merchandise. Keep checking this space to see what good deals there are as I make my way downtown to see what I can find! However…I’m slightly skeptical because I’ve noticed that Aritzia has been having big sales in the post-Christmas weeks already so I wonder how much more discounted their stuff will be….
**Update** So I checked out the sale and it’s nothing spectacular – other than the fact that the peacoat I bought two weeks ago is a hundred bucks cheaper. But the rest of the sale is sort of random, at least at the Robson branch. A lot of variety of clothing on sale, but few sizes and colors so you’d be lucky if you found something exact.

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