6 Trends in Pet Health and Wellness: What All Dog Parents Should Know

As a proud dog parent, it’s only right for you to want the best for your fur baby. Doing so means investing in their health and wellness to ensure that they live a happy and healthy life. Most pet owners feel the same way, which is why there’s always progress and innovation going on in the pet sector—particularly in the field of pet care.

Some of these are aided by technology, while some are just general changes in the way pet owners have come to provide care for their animal companions. Either way, here are some growing trends in the pet care industry that you’d want to keep abreast of as a dog owner.

1) More Pampered Pets

The modern family is more attached to their pets than ever before, with more than 66 percent of US homes having at least one pet according to 2023 data from the American Pet Products Association (APPA). In fact, pets aren’t treated as “just” pets, but more like an integral part of the family. It’s easy to conclude that the market for spoiling one’s pets—whether that may take the form of bringing them to grooming parlors, buying them new toys, or purchasing stylish wholesale dog collars to spruce up their appearance—will see continued growth in the coming years.

In addition to cosmetic pampering, pet owners are also now more conscious about what products they use on their pet. Many in this demographic now want products that align with their values, which is why eco-friendly pet products will rise in popularity. Not only are these products safe for the environment; they’re also gentler on pets because they’re made with all-natural ingredients.

2) Telemedicine as a Norm in Veterinary Care

Because owners want the best for their pets round the clock, there’s been a growing demand for veterinary services and clinics to cater to various pet health concerns. In the past, it’s been difficult to meet these demands head-on because of a shortage of veterinarians and veterinary technicians. But one way that clinics have begun to alleviate that issue is to utilize telemedicine, allowing them to see more pet patients during their time in.

The telemedicine model will allow you to have your dog’s condition diagnosed or even treated through a remote consultation. While this is on a case-to-case basis and some appointments need face-to-face engagement, telemedicine does allow veterinarians to be more efficient at providing basic care and prescribing medication without needing the pet owner to set an appointment.

This can also be quite advantageous for you as a dog owner, as you won’t have to take extra time out of your busy day just to drive your pet to the vet clinic. Instead, you can book a consultation from the comfort of your home.

3) The Growing Need for Pet Insurance

In connection with the first two points, there’s also a trend of more pet owners obtaining insurance for their animal companions. Veterinary consultations and care for emergencies can be costly, and insurance allows pet owners to still give the best possible care for their pets while amply preparing for it beforehand. On your part, investing in pet insurance may give you additional peace of mind, knowing that you’ll be able to afford treatment should your pup get into a costly emergency.

4) AI Assistance for Veterinarians and Smart Home Diagnostics Technology for Pet Owners

Artificial technology (AI) has been involved in the evolution of various other industries, but who knew that the pet care sector could benefit from the technology as well? AI is now being tapped to help veterinarians diagnose pets’ conditions and to provide early detection of potential health risks. Quick and accurate diagnosis is crucial for treatment to be administered right away, lessening chances of the illness getting worse. Down the line, your vet’s proficiency with this kind of technology could save your dog’s life.

Adjacent to this, there’s been a growing trend of pet owners using smart home diagnostic tools to better monitor their pets’ health and condition. The technologies used in smart collars, for example, can help dog owners track their pets’ vitals much like a smartwatch would.

5) A Greater Focus on Pet Mental Health

Physical health isn’t the only thing owners ought to monitor when it comes to their pets. Their mental health is also part of their overall wellness. Pet owners’ focus on holistic pet health is part of the reason toys and supplements are in demand. Many are exploring interactive toys, more instance, to keep pets mentally stimulated and to improve their cognition. The same also provide a healthy outlet for pets’ excess energy.

Pet psychologists and animal behaviorists may also receive more consultations given this focus on pet mental health and wellness. If you want to know what more to do for your dog’s mental and emotional health, you can turn to these specialists as resource persons.

6) Longer Life Expectancy for Pets

A heartwarming trend that you’d likely love to hear is that the life expectancy of pets is increasing. This can be attributed to better understanding on the part of the general pet-owning public on how to take care of pets and how to treat animal diseases. Vaccines have also become more accessible than they used to be.

Pet owners are also now more invested in caring for their animal companions, putting in the effort and research needed to keep them healthy and safe always. One concern that you should have in this regard is how to care for a senior dog so that they can live much more comfortably in their twilight years.

Knowing that your pet’s health and wellness remain your priority, perhaps it would be good to explore these trends in pet care and to see how they apply to your situation. Other trends may continue to pop up in the coming years, so always be on the lookout to see which ones can affect your dog’s quality of life for the better.


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