Jellycat Releases Amuseables Hockey Puck Only in Canada

Jellycat, the global creator of highly loveable and playful toys for all ages, announces the Canada-exclusive release of the newest addition to its beloved Amuseables Sports collection: Amuseables Hockey Puck. In advance of its worldwide release, the Amuseables Hockey Puck is exclusively available at specialty retail partners throughout Canada.

An homage to the country’s national winter sport and a means to drum up local excitement for the Stanley Cup Playoffs and upcoming 2024 IIHF world championship, the Amuseables Hockey Puck is sure to be a fan favourite.

Jellycat Releases Amuseables Hockey Puck Only in Canada
Jellycat Releases Amuseables Hockey Puck Only in Canada

There is no better mascot (and teammate) than an Amuseables Hockey Puck. As such, Jellycat is excited to offer the Amuseables Hockey Puck as a limited exclusive and looks forward to seeing the smiling puck at hockey events Canada-wide. The Amuseables range features all kinds of previously inanimate objects, ranging from foods to plants to sports characters, brought to life with amusing facial expressions. The Amuseables Hockey Puck is minted in short, soft black fur, with a textured grey band, skates, and embroidered detail. 

Retailing for $41.50 CAD, the Amuseables Hockey Puck will be available across all Canadian provinces in May, followed by the global launch slated for June.


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