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What to Do in Vancouver With a Baby

So, you’ve managed to get through the first few months of parenthood, and now you’re confident enough to be out and about in Vancouver with a baby! But what is there to do in Vancouver with a baby? Where can you bring them, what can you sign them up for, and what can you suggest to your other mom friends as a baby-friendly activity to do together in Vancouver? Whether you’re visiting Vancouver with a baby, or looking for baby classes in Vancouver, or finding parent and tot Vancouver activities, if you are looking for things to do in Vancouver with a baby under one year of age, here’s what I’ve found.

Vancouver Public Library Babytime

Typically hosted by the library branch’s children’s librarian, Babytime at Vancouver Public Library isn’t just about reading stories – it’s rhymes, catchy songs, puppets, and stories for babies up until 18 months of age. This is a favourite among parents because it’s short, free, fun and interactive, and helps develop a positive association with books and learning from birth. You can even sign your baby up for a library card – the perk of having a children’s library card is you don’t have to pay fines on overdue books.

Hustle ‘Baby and Me’ Post-Partum Fitness Class

It’s really difficult to go to any sort of fitness class if you’re taking care of a baby. That’s why Hustle’s ‘Baby and Me’ Vancouver post-partum fitness class is so appealing among moms – you can actually bring your baby along with you to class, and the exercises are tailored for post-partum recovery and strength building. and, if you’re comfortable with it, the fitness instructors are happy to bounce your baby during class as well.

‘Baby and Me’ Yoga

Pregnant moms-to-be can take pre-natal yoga classes at Uphoria Yoga (88 E. Broadway), and as soon as your baby is 4 weeks old, you can bring them along to ‘baby and me’ yoga.

Baby Gymnastics in Vancouver 

Tumbletown (with locations in Kitsilano and Richmond) or Jump Gymnastics offer baby ‘gymnastics’ classes. For babies, it’s all about movement. Look for ‘pre-crawl’ classes for your baby. We started at around 9 months. If possible, find a class where babies of similar ages are registered (you might be able to call to ask who has signed up) similar ages so they can better interact, otherwise the walkers might knock down the crawlers!


Music Classes for Babies in Vancouver

Chorus and Clouds (with locations in Mount Pleasant and Kitsilano) offers interactive baby music classes. offers parent-participated music classes for children 0 to 5. Each song in the 45 minute class is accompanied by either a musical instrument or a playful prop.

Chorus and Clouds (Kitsilano)

Circus Play Cafe

Circus Play Cafe (1502 E Hastings St) is a cafe and playspace, designed to be enjoyed by parents and their kids. The main space is an open-plan cafe, while the purposefully-designed playspace is for 0 to 5-year olds, full of carefully curated toys and specially designed sensory boards to aid in physical, cognitive, and social development.  Babies (0 to 6) months are free, while Crawlers (6 to 14 months) is $10 for admission.

Try the ‘Bucket Swings’ at Your Local Park

The very first activity we ever tried at the park were the swings, and our baby loved it! He kept giggling as he swayed forwards and backwards, drool flying through the air. We started at around 8 months – as soon as he could comfortable hold up his head. Look for ‘bucket’ swings that you can place your baby into.

Baby Swim Lessons in Vancouver

Baby swim lessons are in high demand. Pools in Vancouver offering baby swim lessons include UBC, Vancouver community centers (Kerrisdale, Killarny, Byng), or private pools like Aquaventures or Pedalheads.  In the community centers, “Starfish” is the 4mons to 1 year age group.

Vancouver Aquarium

There aren’t baby-specific activities at Vancouver Aquarium, however, there are a lot of interesting things to look at. Mesmerizing fish tanks, different lighting — especially the jellyfish tank!

Vancouver Art Gallery

There aren’t baby-specific activities at The Vancouver Art Gallery, however, similar to the Vancouver Aquarium, this is an excellent option for stroller moms looking for something to do indoors with a stroller. This is a good one to stroll around with a mom friend.


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