10 Travel Goals You Should Chase in This Lifetime

If you’re an aspiring or avid traveller, now is the time to fulfill those bucket list adventures you’ve yet to experience. If there’s anything we’ve all learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that there’s no better time than now to act and pursue your dreams. After all, you’ll never know when another global catastrophe will halt the freedoms you take for granted today.

Travelling around the world is of course easier if you have disposable income, but money alone shouldn’t hold someone back from fulfilling their goals of experiencing what the world has to offer. And now that remote job opportunities are rife, travellers can also work while they explore the different countries that have been on their bucket lists for a long time.


With almost 200 countries in the world and countless adventures to have in them, you may need more than one lifetime to experience them all. But here are ten that you should probably consider first:

1) Experience Life as a Digital Nomad

One goal that’s more achievable than you may think is becoming a digital nomad, or someone who works remotely while doing output-based work from virtually anywhere in the world. Aim to pack a light suitcase with travel essentials, like leggings for women, and jet off to a foreign country that’s known for its strong data connections, wealth of amenities, and numerous opportunities to go on adventures and socialize. See how sweet life can be while you work on the beach, in a cozy mountain retreat, or a fashionable co-working space full of kindred souls.

2) Connect with Indigenous Cultures

Venture beyond guidebooks and tourist hubs to forge connections with indigenous communities—even the ones in your home country or continent. It will be priceless to open a door into their way of life and listen to their stories, which may depict a life so different from the one you have at home.

3) Embark on a Digital Detox Journey

Why not escape the clutches of modern technology and embark on a digital detox journey? Though tech has sped up the world’s development, it’s also incited a culture of living too fast, exhausting oneself, and being unable to appreciate the smaller things.

 If you’re up to the challenge, go to a destination where you know you won’t rely heavily on the digital world. Then, just let the natural world take centre stage for a change. Listen to ocean waves and watch the sun set in the daytime. At night, rediscover the art of conversation with your travel companions and the beauty of solitude in a quiet, natural setting while you wait for sleep.

4) Conquer Physical and Mental Peaks

Don’t go through life without channelling your inner adventurer and conquering physical peaks that challenge your limits. Your willingness to go out of your comfort zone, whether it’s by scaling a tall mountain or completing an exhilarating caving trail, will reward you in the end. You’ll discover an inner strength you never knew existed until you set foot outside the comforts and privileges of home.

5) Uncover Hidden Culinary Treasures

There’s no better way to learn about cultures outside yours than to taste their food. Go on a culinary adventure that takes you to the heart of local markets, street stalls, and homes. On a gustatory adventure, you’ll learn to appreciate the influences of each cuisine and cultivate a deeper understanding of a country’s history and culture.

6) Volunteer and Give Back Abroad

You should also consider giving as well as receiving when you’re on a travel adventure. You don’t have to go the usual route of spending all your time abroad vacationing in a luxurious resort. Why not engage in volunteer work that contributes to local communities and fosters cross-cultural understanding? Through acts of kindness and community-building, you’ll enrich your travel experience in ways that are out of the ordinary.

7) Seek Solitude in Off-the-Grid Retreats

Are you tired of the pressures of work and family life? Perhaps it’s time to consider an off-the-grid retreat. Located in remote areas, these retreats are designed to escape the noise of modern life and find solace in nature.

An off-the-grid retreat may provide you with the invaluable opportunity to discover yourself, without any distractions. Amidst tranquil landscapes, and with a bare-bones travel itinerary, you can rejuvenate, reflect, and emerge with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

8) Document Your Journeys Through Art

Let your creativity flow as you capture the essence of your travels through art. Whether it’s by sketching landscapes or capturing moments through photography, artistic expression is a powerful way to relive memories and share your unique perspective of a place with the rest of the world.

9) Explore Underwater Wonders

If you’re up to it, make SCUBA certification part of your travel bucket list and dive into different oceans to explore their fascinating marine life. See vibrant coral reefs up close, swim alongside majestic marine creatures, and discover the hidden realms beneath the waves. In doing so, you’ll gain a deeper connection and appreciation for ocean life and become a champion for its protection.

10) Make Pilgrimages to Historical Landmarks

Instead of being content to learn history through books and internet articles, try going to these places yourself to learn about them firsthand and imagine what may have transpired there. On top of well-known historical landmarks, like the Egyptian pyramids and the Roman Colosseum, make plans to visit lesser-known sites that will help you gain a deeper appreciation of just how far human civilization has come.

Travel can be a transformative experience, broadening your perspective and fostering personal growth. The best travel experiences will also help you develop empathy and appreciation for cultures not your own. And, changed by your encounters with new places and people, develop resilience and a renewed commitment to living your life the best ways you can. So, pack your bags, gather your courage, and work to complete the travel goals you think are worth pursuing in this lifetime!


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