Chilliwack Corn Maze Partners with Science World for T.Rex Dinosaur Design

Science World is excited to announce that it has partnered with Greendale Acres to launch the 24th Chilliwack Corn Maze. This year, Science World is behind the design of the 12 acre corn maze, which boasts a giant T.rex to coincide with T.rex, the Ultimate Predator, on at Science World until February 2023.

Each year, the corn maze design aims for a positive message that helps encourage and spread light throughout the community. The playful design of this year’s maze makes the connection between the prehistoric dinosaur and the chicken, who share characteristics in their bone structure, making chickens living members of the dinosaur group, Theropoda.

The maze is an interactive adventure where maze-goers must complete 12 T.rex themed questions curated by the Science World team in order to escape. Participants can choose the family-friendly short maze which takes approximately 15-20 minutes, or the longer more challenging maze which takes 30-40 minutes to complete.

Event Details: Chilliwack Corn Maze with T.Rex Design

  • Where: Greendale Acres Chilliwack Corn Maze at 41905 Yale Road West, Chilliwack
  • When: The maze opens Saturday, August 13th at 10am with live music starting at 6pm followed by a concert by BC local country artist Tanner Olsen Band from 8pm to 10pm. Maze and attractions close at 7pm for the concert. NOTE: Special event tickets are required if attending the opening day evening celebrations. More information here.
  • Admission: Tickets are available for purchase online for $16 if pre-booked online, $18 at the door + GST. NOTE: Special event tickets for opening day are $28+GST. Children aged 2 and under and people over 75+ are free to attend.

 For more information visit

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