Pollinators Make Products Possible at Lush

Pollinators (like butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, and bats) are responsible for one out of every three bites we eat, making the very foundation of our food possible. Their populations are in decline due to habitat loss from pollution, the misuse of chemicals, and climate change. Bath and body company Lush is asking for your help to protect them with its newest ethical campaign Pollinators Make It Possible’. 

As part of its campaign to bring awareness to the importance of pollinators, Lush emptied their shelves and halted sales in a stunt to demonstrate what life would look like without pollinators.

Lush emptied their shelves and halted sales in a stunt to demonstrate what life would look like without pollinators.

Lush has also brought back its limited-edition Rose Butterfly Bath Bomb ($6.95). The product contains Sicilian lemon oil, which Lush buys from a family-run business in Sicily, Italy. The lemons are grown without pesticides and collected and pressed by hand entirely with their peel. 100% of the sales price (minus the tax) will go towards raising $150,000 for Pollinator Partnership and other organizations working to protect pollinators.  

Lush Pollinator Products
Lush products that wouldn’t be possible without pollinators

In addition to the Rose Butterfly Bath Bomb, here are 10 Lush best-sellers that wouldn’t be possible without pollinators:

    1. Scrubee Body Butter (includes Almonds, pollinated by Bees)

    2. Rehab Shampoo (includes Papaya, pollinated by Hummingbirds)

    3. Ultraplant Facial Cleanser (includes Agave, pollinated by Lesser Long-nosed Bats)

    4. Avobath Bath Bomb (includes Avocado, pollinated by Pollen Wasps)

    5. Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner (includes Brazil Nut, pollinated by Orchid Bees)

    6. American Cream Conditioner (includes Strawberry, pollinated by Butterflies)

    7. Charity Pot (includes Vanilla, pollinated by Orchid and Melipona Bees)

    8. Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask (includes Blueberry, pollinated by Blueberry and Bumble Bees)

    9. Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar (includes Cocoa Beans, pollinated by Midges)

    10. Figs and Leaves Soap (includes Figs, pollinated by Fig Wasps)

For more information about the power of pollinators, visit: lush.ca/en/ethical-campaigns/pollinators.html.


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