Tumbletown Review: Baby Gymnastics Classes Vancouver

 Tumbletown is a Vancouver gymnastics movement education center that offers baby gymnastics classes, parent and tot gymnastics, gymnastics for toddlers classes, gymnastic classes for kids,  as well as drop in gymnastics. There are three locations of Tumbletown in Metro Vancouver: Tumbletown Vancouver (in Kitsilano), and two locations in Richmond: Tumbletown Ironwood, and Tumbletown Steveston.

Tumbletown Vancouver Gymnastics Drop IN

When our baby started crawling, we needed more space for him to work on progressing his new skills.  We put him into parent and tot baby gymnastic classes at Tumbletown as a good way to encourage him to continue his physical development. We started classes shortly after he began crawling at eigh months old.

We’ve been going to the ‘Tips ‘n’ Tumbles’ baby gymnastics classes at Tumbletown for six weeks now and every week we see an improvement in our baby’s confidence and abilities as he explores the gym. If you’re looking for things to do with a baby in Vancouver, here are our thoughts and review of Tumbletown Vancouver.

Tumbletown Review: Baby Gymnastics Classes Vancouver


Tumbletown is set up as a colourful play arena with moveable gymnastics equipment that’s set up differently every week. There are balls, blocks, beams, tunnels, sloped surfaces, slides, and trampolines, all to encourage your baby to play freely and explore.

I use the term baby gymnastics loosely. The babies in these classes aren’t doing somersaults or cartwheels, but at this very young age they are learning about their bodies and how to use them.  We are registered in the Tips ‘n’ Tumbles class, the youngest age group for sensory and movement gymnastics classes for 4 month olds up until early walkers.

Baby Gymnastics Class at Tumbletown Gymnastics Vancouver

Classes are 50 minutes long and always begin with free play with the parents to get your baby settled and comfortable. Then, there’s a brief circle time with songs led by the Tumbletown coaches. This is also when the coaches will also do a demonstration of equipment; there’s a different set up every week, so you can always try something new.

For the rest of the class, your baby continues to explore the equipment, while the instructors are readily available to show you and your baby how to use. For our baby, we’ve been working on crawling on slopes surfaces as well as climbing over blocks. He also showed interest in a tunnel structure, which, with the help of shaking balls and rattles, we helped motivate him to climb into and roll around in.

We’ve been to regular classes for six weeks now, and week after week, I see an improvement in my baby’s movement abilities. Yes some of these skills may have been developed at home anyway, but with Tumbletown we have a big safe place to play and explore, tons of equipment that gets sets up differently every week, and encouraging and engaged instructors. Plus, the interaction with other babies of a similar age is beneficial for social development.

For more information on Tumbletown, pricing, and to see the Tumbletown schedule, visit: tumbletown.ca.



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