Evergrow: Sustainable Christmas Tree Replanting Company

Evergrow is a Vancouver Christmas tree rental company with a sustainable twist: they replant their live Christmas trees at the end of the holiday season or recycle them as mulch to feed their existing trees.

I’ve always loved the idea of having a live Christmas tree but never actually had one. Why not? First of all, I wouldn’t know how to bring a big Christmas tree home from a tree lot. Secondly, disposing of it sounds like it would be both wasteful and a hassle. And, finally, I’m not even sure if my condo strata would even allow for live Christmas trees in our building!

Evergrow: Vancouver Christmas tree delivery service

Evergrow: Vancouver Christmas tree delivery service

This year, I came across Evergrow, a zero-waste Christmas tree delivery service that supports a more eco-friendly holiday season.

Not only is Evergrow a Vancouver Christmas tree delivery service (offering both Christmas tree delivery and pick-up), but it’s also a sustainable business that replants all its trees at the end of the holiday season or recycles them to mulch their living trees. And, that’s not all, they also offer their trees in a pot, so it’s the equivalent of a potted plant and won’t violate strata by-laws.

Evergrow was founded in 2009 by UBC forestry students, but the business was recently taken over by Paige Wheaton, an Environment and Sustainability grad who is also from UBC. Oddly enough, even though the business has been around for over a decade, this was the first year I had heard of Evergrow and I immediately became obsessed with this zero waste Christmas tree service that supports the circular economy.

As a Vancouver-based Christmas tree company, all of their trees are locally sourced from British Columbia; this year, from Chilliwack and Invermere. They offer two Christmas tree options: live potted trees which get replanted in the Fraser Valley or cut Christmas trees which are recycled to keep tree debris out of the landfill. 

Vancouver Live Potted Christmas Tree Delivery

Evergrow Vancouver Live Potted Christmas Tree Delivery

Evergrow’s live potted Christmas trees are of the Fraser Fir varietal, an evergreen that’s known for its silvery dark-green needles that are soft to the touch and have excellent needle retention. Sourced from Chillwack, the tree supplier is one that the business has worked with since the very beginning. All their potted Christmas trees include delivery, set-up, pick-up, and replanting.

“Our customers really see the value in this,” explains Paige, “because transporting and disposing of a tree is a huge hassle.”

Evergrow’s potted Christmas trees begin at $199 for a 4ft plant, their most compact size meant for an apartment. Pro tip: If you want to get more height from their smallest tree, you can put it on a raised surface. Their largest potted tree size is 7ft, and is priced at $259.

Vancouver Cut Christmas Tree Delivery

Evergrow: Vancouver Christmas tree delivery service

For Christmas trees between 7ft and 9ft, Evergrow offers traditional cut (non-potted) Christmas trees, which get recycled at the end of the holiday season.

“Not only does Evergrow recycle these cut trees and use the chippings to mulch our living trees, but these cut trees are harvested through a ‘stump culture’ method,” explains Paige. “Stump culture is a method of conifer harvest that keeps the root system and bottom two layers of branches intact which allows the tree to regenerate and continue to grow even after being harvested.”

Prices begin at $249 for a 7ft cut Fraser Fir, which includes delivery, set-up, pick-up, and recycling, and is the best option for those who don’t have space limitations or strata restrictions for a large cut tree.

Live Christmas Tree Rental in Vancouver

Evergrow: Live Christmas Tree Rental in Vancouver

This year in 2021, there’s an anticipated Christmas tree shortage in BC due to the summer heatwaves which burned over a third of the trees for the season. Even conventional Christmas tree farmers are planning to open for only one or two weekends this year, and expect to sell out quicker than ever.

Evergrow will be offering approximately 600 trees for the season: 500 live potted trees and 100 cut and recommends to interested customers to order early because of an exceptionally limited supply. In previous years, they were sold out of their inventory by December 1.

In general, customers would schedule the rental of their Christmas tree for no more than three weeks, as that is the best time frame to have a positive outcome for replanting. Since the start of the business, over 3,000 Christmas trees have been saved and replanted through Evergrow.

I’m excited to get my Evergrow Christmas tree this season and have my very first live Christmas tree. Get your order in soon at: evergrowchristmastrees.ca.


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