wearing blue maternity dress from pink blush with it's a boy gender reveal sign

Gender Reveal Photoshoot: It’s a Boy

Because of the local ban on social gatherings, we haven’t had too many opportunities to share our pregnancy journey with friends and family in person.  To keep them included, we invited them to an online just-for-fun baby guessing game called Baby Hunch, where they could submit guesses in pre-determined categories including the date of birth, the baby’s sex, baby’s birth weight, length, eye and hair colour, etc. Of course most of these categories won’t be determined until birth, but one category we were able to share early is our baby’s sex.

If you want to know the sex of your baby, most people find out at the 20 week ultrasound when the baby’s “parts” are visible in the imagery. We, however, did a non-invasion prenatal test at around 12 weeks, and one of the side benefits of that, is being able to discover the sex of our baby early.

We made our gender reveal announcement on social media this week. Here are some of the photos which accompanied our announcement.

In these gender reveal photos, I’m wearing a blue maternity dress gifted from Pink Blush Maternity; the style is simple, the floral pattern and ruffles give it a feminine look, and the versatile cut has lots of room for a growing bump. Pink Blush Maternity is an online maternity shop with an extensive selection of pieces (hundreds, if not thousands, of items to pick from) that’s a one stop shop for stylish outfits for everyday pregnancy wear or special occasions like your baby shower, baby moon, gender reveal, maternity shoots, and more.

The gender-neutral florals were supplied by Thrive Flower House (run by a local mom who works out of her home to create faux floral arrangements), and the announcement signboard is from Indigo.

Knowing the sex of our baby made the easier to visualize the baby growing inside of me, and helps with planning for upcoming projects like deciding on a name or decorating a nursery!



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  1. Congrats to you two on your upcoming addition! Hope all is going smoothly and continues to do so! Hope the nursery project is also coming along nicely.

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