The start of a new season means another Simply Beautiful delivery to unbox! This quarterly Canadian subscription box is curated by the editors of BC Living and thoughtfully filled with beauty, home, and wellness products for the modern woman. The Winter 2021 Simply Beautiful Box is no different: with nine generous products in this season’s box, these cozy items will make winter time spent at home an enjoyable and relaxing experience.  Read on for Simply Beautiful Winter 2021 spoilers.

Simply Beautiful Winter 2021 Box

The Simply Beautiful Winter 2021 Box

As we enter 2021 with continued provincial health restrictions due to Covid-19, there’s definitely a trend towards spending more time at home. The items in the Simply Beautiful Winter 2021 Box caters for these circumstances, with an emphasis on products you can use from the comforts of home.

Simply Beautiful Winter 2021 Subscription Box

The Simply Beautiful Winter 2021 Box Spoilers

Simply Beautiful Winter 2021 Box Spoilers

Here are the nine items included in the Simply Beautiful Winter 2021 Box:

  1. AG Hair Nourish Mask
  2. Mimi & August Socks
  3. B’leau Transcend Clay Mask
  4. Cloth in a Box Face It Makeup Removal Cloth
  5. Blush Peony Salad Serving Set
  6. Evalina Beauty Flutter Lash Volumizer Mascara
  7. Riversol Hand Balm
  8. MIFA Eucalyptus Coco Natural Body Wash
  9. Tru Earth Multi-Surface Cleanser

In this season’s box, you’re pretty much covered from head (AG Hair Nourish Mask) to toe (socks from the Montreal-based Mimi & August).

My favourite item from the box is the MIFA Eucalyptus Coco Natural Body Wash. It’s 100% natural, with a luxurious silky smooth texture, and uses my favourite essential oil relaxation scents of eucalyptus and lavender. I also thought it was a really generous size to be included in the Simply Beautiful Box. I’ve used MIFA’s body wash before, and one standard 16 oz bottle of their product can easily last for four to six months.

I also really like the Riversol Hand Balm, an unscented highly moisturizing hand cream that’s perfect for treating dry hands from overwashing. It absorbs quickly with no greasy residue.

Typically you’ll find at least one beauty item in the Simply Beautiful Box; this month, the only beauty item is a Flutter Lash Volumizer Mascara by Evalina Beauty. I thought this was a particularly thoughtful pick; since masking-up in public has become the social norm and covers up your mouth and lips, the most useful and practical make-up product to invest in these days are beauty products for the eyes, like a simple mascara!

When you’re winding down for the day, you can use the Face It Makeup Removal Cloth to gentle remove mascara, oils, and dirt (followed by a Clay Mask from B’leau, another item in the Simply Beautiful Box) .  Unlike your typical face cloth, this heart-shaped cloth has pockets you can insert your hands into, for a better grip as you scrub your face.

The Blush Peony Salad Serving Set is also a super practical pick. Even in our household of two, we can still make use of a serving set for dishing out salad or pasta. The only downside is that it’s handwash only.

gold serving spoons

Gold Serving Spoons by Blush Peony

Finally, I thought the Tru Earth Multi-Surface Cleanser was a unique product. Instead of a spray bottle of cleaner (which is often made up of mostly water), the Tru Earth product are just strips of soap which you can toss into a spray bottle, add hot water, and shake to dissolve. No waste, and the strips don’t take up much storage space until you’re ready to use them.

Beginning at $97/box (if you commit to the full year), every box is guaranteed to have at least $200 worth of premium, Canadian products that’ll inspire you to live a beautiful life. For more information, visit:

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