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REMIX Vodka Soda Launches in Vancouver

Created in East Vancouver, REMIX Vodka Soda is the latest low-sugar, low-calorie ready-to-drink beverage that’s launching this Spring in British Columbia and Alberta.

In a category that’s filled with “Hard Seltzers” (brewed with sugar and corn syrup as a base), REMIX is a vodka soda that contains less than 1g of sugar and only 100 gluten-free calories per can. It blends Canadian craft vodka made with 100% local grains with natural fruit flavours that you can actually taste.

Launching with four flavour combinations: Lemon Lime, tropical Mango Passionfruit, Blood Orange Tangerine, and Raspberry Lemon, each can of vodka soda is enhanced with a hint of cane sugar sweetness and a touch of carbonation to bring it all together. Perfect for summer, the REMIX can be enjoyed chilled from the can, poured over ice, or as a mixer for a cocktail creation.

REMIX Vodka Soda is landing on shelves and in bars in British Columbia and Alberta now with each flavour available in an 8 can pack, along with a 12 can MIXER pack which includes all four flavours for mixing, mash-ups, and sharing with friends.

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  1. Terrible drink, they all taste the same, it taste like it was strained through my used hockey jersey after a 3hr game. Thanks

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