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Local Lives: Karen Danudjaja, co-founder of Blume

Karen Danudjaja is the co-founder of Blume, a latte-inspired beverage company that uses healthy ingredients like turmeric in their drink mixes. Originally from Toronto, Karen moved to Vancouver to attend post-secondary at the Sauder School of Business, then worked in the real estate industry before pursuing her dream of being an entrepreneur. With a mission to make healthy choices simple and fun, she co-founded Blume because she saw a need for nourishing caffeine free alternatives.

What are your Top 3 favourite things to do in Vancouver?

  • Hitting up the endowment lands for a trail run and reset. They are the perfect trails to get “lost” in. It’s just the right size to not look at maps and just go.
  • Trout lake farmers market offers amazing produce and a community feel. I always feel so inspired by the creativity of local vendors. Hit up the drive afterwards for games/sandwiches or great coffee.
  • Granville Island, there’s something about picking up ingredients here that makes a homecooked meal 10x more special. I am always making excuses to visit the public market.

What’s the best way to connect with your local neighbourhood or community?

Getting outside. We are so lucky in Vancouver, just walking our neighbourhoods and appreciating our outdoors spaces gives you an amazing appreciation for the city.

What’s the best way to spend a day outdoors in Vancouver?  

One of my favourite outdoor days in Vancouver was out at Cypress. A friend and I headed up after work to Cabin Lake in the summer. It was absolutely deserted and we could go for a dip and feel so disconnected from the City. We were out and back in less than three hours on one of those long summer days. It was perfect! Such an easy way to get out of the city and have a unique experience.

What are your favourite restaurants in Vancouver?  

  • Pizza Farina for BOMB pizza.
  • General Public on Main Street is such a fun spot for sushi and drinks.
  • Ask for Luigi. You can’t leave this place without an amazing experience. It’s the most romantic restaurant in the city.

What are your favourite cafes in Vancouver?  

  • Matchstick for beautiful interiors and great coffee.
  • Bird & the Beets for a great selection of healthy noms. The tofu bahn mi completes me. Plus, it has an incredible workspace vibe.
  • The Federal Store owners are amazing people, and show their love for Vancouver and local in every menu item. 


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