Lush eggplant and peach soap for valentines day

Stay Peachy Clean with Valentine’s Day Gifts under $20 from LUSH

Handmade bath and body company LUSH has some gift ideas for people who don’t want to take Valentine’s Day too seriously. Here are five romantic gift ideas under $20 that’ll dial up the fun while keeping you (and your partner) peachy clean.

Eggplant Soap ($6.95) – Eggplant Soap is made with a palm-free soap base. According to LUSH, “this impressive fruit is there for anyone and everyone – not just people who like it in the bath.”  A healthy dose of fresh eggplant puree helps repair sun damage, meaning eggplant soap is perfect for hard-working hands and bodies. 

Peachy Gift Set ($18.95) – Feeling a little cheeky? Give a peachy! This peach-themed set contains a Peachy Bath Bomb and a Peach Crumble Bubbleroon, and is boxed up in a gift-ready emoji-inspired wrap.

LUSH Peachy Gift Set
LUSH Peachy Gift Set

Love Locket Amazeball Bath Bomb ($9.95) — Unlock your love potion by taking off the stopper, then shaking the bath bomb hearts into the water. Release the rest of the bomb into the bath, and sink into a romantic soak…maybe even a shared soak!

Naked Attraction Massage Bar ($10.95) — Packed with sensual jasmine, mimosa, ylang ylang, and osmanthus, this is the massage bar for getting in the mood – whether you’re planning a seductive massage or some self-care. Glide over the body to melt the bar, then whip out your best massage moves.  

LUSH Prince Charming Shower Gel

Prince Charming Shower Gel (begins at $9.95) — Prince Charming is back for another Valentine’s Day with a good helping of hydrating marshmallow root and vanilla pod decoction, while pomegranate juice helps stimulate skin cell regeneration. 

See the full LUSH Valentine’s Day 2020 collection at: or in-stores beginning January 6, 2020.


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