famoso Campania tomato sauce

Famoso Campania Tomato Sauce is Back with Another MealShare Partnership

Did you know? Each month, more than 850,000 Canadians turn to food banks for help, and one-third of those Canadians are youth! 

For the sixth year in a row, the Italian pizzeria chain Famoso is partaking in a ‘buy one give one’ campaign with their house-made Campania Tomato Sauce, benefiting the charity organization MealShare.  The sauce is made from vine-ripened plum tomatoes, hand-picked from the rich soils of Mount Vesuvius in Naples and hand-milled to capture authentic Neapolitan flavour. Delicious, simple and fresh, there’s only two ingredients: tomatoes and salt.  This clean and simple sauce can be used as an ingredient to enhance tomato-based soup recipes, in stews, as a dressing, and, of course, as a base for pasta sauce.

Available only once each year at $8 for a 500ml jar, Famoso’s Campania Tomato Sauce is available for purchase in-restaurant ‘til December 31, or while supplies last. For every jar purchased, 100% of net proceeds are donated to MealShare, and one meal with be provided to someone in need.

Last year, through the same campaign, over 26,607 meals were provided to in-need youth across Western Canada and Ontario. 

Famoso Italian Pizzeria + Bar locations in Vancouver include Commercial Drive (1380 Commercial Dr), Guildford Town Centre (10355 152 Street), Morgan Crossing (15865 Croydon Drive), and Abbotsford High Street (3122 Mt. Lehman Road).


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