Bunny Yoga at Sunberry Fitness

I Did Bunny Yoga and It’s as Adorable as it Sounds

Imagine doing a yoga class with soft and fluffy bunnies hopping around the room while you stretch and relax. That’s exactly what Bunny Yoga is and it is as adorable as it sounds. I recently had the opportunity to try out Sunberry Fitness, a Richmond-based yoga studio that offers special Bunny Yoga charity classes on a monthly basis. The event is hosted in support of Bandaids for Bunnies, a local bunny shelter that’s completely run by volunteers. Proceeds from the class goes towards paying for food, hay, and medical bills for bunnies that are available for adoption.

Bunny Yoga

The yoga class itself is an easy hatha yoga class. The only difference from a regular yoga class is that bunnies are hopping around you while you take the class. They are really quiet, so as long as you can block out their cuteness, they aren’t actually a distraction from the class itself. After class, you’ll have ample opportunities to take photos and play with the bunnies, which helps them socialize with humans.

Bunny Yoga
Bunny Yoga
Bunny Yoga

For more information, visit: sunberryfitness.com. This same studio also offers puppy yoga….but that’s a blog post for another day!


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