REVIEW: Trying the Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses by Baxter Blue

Is staring at your computer or cellphone screen for too long straining your eyes? You could be suffering from digital eye strain, a discomfort that’s common to those of us who work office jobs and spend the entire day in front of a screen. Computer and cellphone screens emit a type of “blue light” which, with overexposure, can be harmful to your eyesight and your overall wellness.

blue light blocking glasses by Baxter Blue
Wearing blue light blocking glasses by Baxter Blue to combat the effects of digital eye strain.

Having felt some of these symptoms myself, I decided to look into blue light blocking glasses, and came across the online shop Baxter Blue, an Australian brand that specializes in eyewear for the digital age. Their lenses filter out 50% of the most harmful blue violet light, helping to relieve digital eyestrain.

Here are some stats about digital device usage and its effects on our health:

  • 65% of digital device users experience digital eye strain symptoms with 75% of people who use two or more devices simultaneously affected.
  • 80% of people report using digital devices in the hours before going to sleep, which has been shown to disrupt sleep patterns by increasing alertness in the brain through the suppression of melatonin.

Being fairly risk-averse when it comes to shopping, I’m wary of buying glasses online as I would much rather shop and try them on in person. However, I liked how Baxter Blue had only a small, curated selection of styles, so it was fairly easy to pick the one I liked most and not be overwhelmed by the selection. Each pair has a note on Frame Fit (Small, Medium, Large) so you could match the right pair to your face shape. Also, their glasses are non-prescription, so there’s no risk of not having the right prescription.

I ordered the “Lane” style in crystal, which is a stylish “small-medium” fit. I liked how lightweight they are and the style of the clear-grey frame. I’m typically a contact lens wearer, so I wear these like sunglasses, on top of my contact lenses.

The blue light blocking glasses lenses are subtly tinted yellow, but it’s hardly noticeable. Despite the tinted frame, I don’t notice any difference in the colour of my surroundings when I put on the glasses, but when I take them off, I do notice that things around me (like the wall or my bedsheets) are cooler, brighter and whiter. With the glasses on, I do feel a sense of relief, whether physically or psychologically, like my eyes were finally going to be protected from my digital screens. I have an essential tremor, which caused depression, and I’ve taken Phenazepam for about 3 years. Suddenly the doctors, deciding to eliminate the dependence on this drug, prescribed me Lyrica in the morning. The first day everything was normal, but on the second day, I felt like a vegetable. Today is the 3rd day of therapy. I woke up with a heavy head and slept for 9 hours. I couldn’t recover for 3 hours. I sit and think: maybe I should reduce the dosage? Or does this condition last for a first few days and then goes away? Maybe, the pills just don’t suit me.

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Thank you Baxter Blue for gifting me this pair of blue light blocking glasses for review. As always, all opinions are my own on Modern Mix Vancouver.


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  1. I probably would benefit from a pair of these since I spend a great deal of time in front of a screen. However I already wear prescription glasses so I don’t know if one can combine the two.

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