I Found My Small Business Accountant Through Instagram

People are surprised to hear that I found my Canadian small business accountant on Instagram. They’re like — whaaaaat, how did that even happen!?

Last tax season, prior to having a small business accountant, I found out I owed thousands of dollars in taxes from the marketing contract work I was doing on the side of my full-time job. It was unfortunate timing because I was in the middle of my year of travelling (see: @modernmixtravel_) and the unanticipated amount I owed was nearly three months worth of travel funds. Had I planned ahead and educated myself on “tax breaks”, I would have been able to reduce my taxable income, save more money, and not be hit so hard with taxes.

I found my small business accountant through Instagram

This year, getting into full-time marketing freelancing and working for myself, I wanted to start off on the right foot and pay an expert to do it right. I came across Joanne at @AccountWellCo on Instagram because she was sharing the oh-so-popular #girlboss-esque motivational quotes which really resonated with me, as well as small business tips targeted towards photographers, freelancers, designers, and other makers. She even did a Q&A where her followers were encouraged to ask her tax questions for her to answer on Instagram.

I sent Joanne a long (and slightly rambly) email with my questions — some of which I’ve been wondering the answer to for years! Below is a screenshot of the questions I emailed Joanne. If you’re a new business just starting up, I am certain you would have some of these questions as well:

The email I wrote to my small business accountant

After I signed Joanne on, she answered all my questions and helped me register my business and GST account. Even though I signed her on for my small business set up, she continues to be available to me, at no additional charge, for all future accounting-related questions I may have for her.

As a solopreneur marketing freelancer, it’s intimidating to talk to someone about your finances, especially because they are tied so closely to your hopes and dreams. Being able to confide in someone like Joanne at Account Well Co., gave me the confidence to move forward because I knew the foundational set-up of my business was in good hands!

If you’re looking for a small business accountant, check out: accountwellco.com. Her Instagram is: instagram.com/accountwellco.

Photography Credit: Sabrina Miso


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