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Stripped Wax Bar: “Down There” Body Care Products

As the only Beauty Safe Certified waxing salon in BC, Stripped Wax Bar offers waxing services for ladies and gents, from your brows to your toes, and everything in between. Yes, this includes getting rid of unwanted hair down there with a brazillian.

Not only does waxing last significantly longer than shaving, it also leads to less skin irritation and smoother skin overall. Their services don’t end at waxing. With Spring right around the corner, Stripped Wax Bar has launched a new product line for down there body care that’ll get you ready to “rid your winter coat”. Their new products will keep customers’ skin healthy, 365 days a year.

The Threesome: Down-There Feminine Hygiene Kit

With items specifically catered towards men and women, all products are formulated in Vancouver and balanced specifically for down-there to support ideal pH levels, to keep your most sensitive parts healthy, calm and pH balanced.

The Threesome: Down-There Feminine Hygiene Kit

Full Frontal: Men’s Down-There Hygiene Kit

  • Balls Out: Men’s Anti-Chafing Powder: Talc free and pH balanced, Stripped’s anti-chafing powder uses comfrey root and zinc oxide to absorb moisture with no messy residue, preventing chafing and keeping you dry and comfortable down under.
  • Fresh Nuts: Men’s Deodorizing Spray: With comfrey root and calendula, this soothing spray effectively eliminates odours, to help keep you feeling fresh and confident.
Full Frontal: Men’s Down-There Hygiene Kit

Support local while you think about warm weather essentials! For more information, visit:


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