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3 International Christmas Traditions that You Can Try Out from Vancouver

With Christmas just around the corner, there is so much to plan and so much to do. It is the happiest time of the year, but also one of the busiest times because you can never have enough plans and ideas for the holiday celebrations. So, if you need a few out of the box ideas for this Christmas, then we have some fascinating international traditions that you can try out from Vancouver. Without traveling outside city walls, you could have yourself a merry multicultural Christmas.

The Door Tradition – Czech Republic

The first tradition on our list hails from the mythical land of the Czech Republic. It seems that women have a very important holiday tradition that can determine the outcome of their love lives for the upcoming year. They will stand with their backs to their doors and then begin to toss shoes over their shoulders. The tradition says that if the shoe lands with the toe pointing towards the door, then the woman who’s tossed it will get married during the next year. So, this year, you can give it a try to find out if you are going to meet the chosen one in the year to come.

El Gordo – Spain

While people from all around the world gather at the dining table to enjoy a delightful holiday dinner, Spaniards gather in front of the television for Christmas, to watch the draw ceremony of the Loteria de Navidad, the single biggest event of the year in Spain. This enchanted lottery is all about bringing people together and entering the game with your loved ones. The El Gordo, as it is known in Spain, has one of the biggest winner turnovers ever seen, which means that a great many people will actually get a prize for Christmas. And if you’re wondering how you could enter the Loteria de Navidad all the way from Vancouver, then let us tell you that the World Wide Web has a solution for everything.

Buche de Noel – France

We have chosen this sweet Christmas tradition to complete our list of international traditions. This old Celtic ritual aimed to celebrate the winter solstice was given a very sweet spin by the French, who have turned the burning Yule log into a delicious dessert. So, if you want to experiment in the kitchen this Christmas, then there are quite a few Buche de Noel recipes you could choose from. So, if you like chocolate cake, then this is one you could try making this Christmas. You can also find the Yule Log in Quebec, which means that if you’re going to have all the ingredients available at will. So, make your own chocolate log this Christmas to make it special.


We hope that our international suggestions could make this Christmas truly special this year. Try out these traditions to make your Vancouver holidays international. But when making your plans, remember that the most important thing about this holiday is being together with your loved ones. So, get ready because the most wonderful time of the year is coming up!


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