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Top Tips on Holding it All Together with Modern Mix Vancouver

For those of you who don’t know, I work a fulltime 9-to-5 job in addition to running Modern Mix Vancouver. This means, after a typical workday, my evenings and weekends are packed with attending events, photographing products, writing blog posts, and managing my social media feeds.

I often get asked how I hold it all together and fit in so many functions and activities in a week – and leave time for friends, family, and exercising too! As a Canadian millennial, keeping my day busy, productive, and full, seems like the best way to make the most of my time.

Thanks to Subway – who just launched a new Grilled Wrap menu lineup that’s perfect for on-the-go eating – I have a few interesting stats to share about how millennials like us approach our busy lifestyles.

Did you know? 60% of Canadian millennials are looking for more quality meal options to take with them on the go, to help them get back to what we value the most, including having more time to exercise (59%), more time to travel and explore (51%), more time with family (45%) and more time with friends (40%). 68% of millennials like us, which is a higher percentage than any other Canadian age group, report needing more creative ways to incorporate health-conscious choices – like exercise and veggies – into a busy schedule.

Over the years, I have – out of necessity – learned to multitask like crazy. It’s how I hold it all together and manage to incorporate WAY more into a day, week, or month, than I ever thought possible. Here are my top, ultra-practical tips, on how you can make the most of your time.

subway wraps

Keep Organized by Using an Agenda

Before you even begin to multitask, you need to keep track of what you need to do in a day. Whether you’re organizing the hours in your week or by the tasks you need to complete, an agenda is a great way to get a snapshot of your availability and progress. As a bonus, stylish agendas make pretty props for Instagram photos!

Be Productive on Your Phone While Commuting in Public Transit

Although I spend about an hour each day commuting on the Skytrain to work, I’m almost always on my phone. I use my commute time to check and respond to emails, plan out my Instagram feed, or note down ideas for blog posts. Use this commute time to catch up on the news, schedule your weekend plans, listen to a podcast, or plan your next vacation. I even have a friend who often calls her mom while in transit, so they can spend the time catching up. You’d be amazed at all the things you can check off your to-do list while on your daily commute!

Eat Lunch on the Go 

Subway has just launched grilled wraps, which you can conveniently eat with one hand; you’re literally holding it all together while you’re on the go! They are currently available in three flavours: the savoury Chicken Caesar, Chicken & Bacon Ranch and B.L.T. grilled wrap. The wraps are grilled to perfection, using the same grill press as their Paninis, which were introduced earlier this year. Subway wraps are packed with veggies (like lettuce, spinach, and tomatoes), and the new rotisserie-style chicken they use in their wraps is 100% Canadian chicken free from artificial flavours, colours and preservative.

Schedule Back-to-Back Appointments in the Same Neighbourhood

Sometimes I have weekday blog events scheduled at 6pm or later, which leaves me about an hour to kill between the end of work and the beginning of the event. I try to use this time to squeeze in a meet-up with someone else – maybe it’s a friend who wants to catch up, a local entrepreneur who wants to pitch me their latest idea, or a PR rep who wants to tell me about their latest client. Not only do I fit in these appointments in the “in between” time I have, but I also make sure they are scheduled in the same neighbourhood. By scheduling back-to-back appointments in the same neighbourhood, you don’t waste time commuting between meetings.

Exercise With a Friend

For the first time ever, I have a workout buddy! My coworker and I commute after work to our bar studio at least twice a week, and we motivate each other to make the most of our monthly membership. Working out is more fun when you have someone to do it with, and you’re hanging out with a friend at the same time.

Bring Your Dog While Running Errands

Every dog owner knows that walking the dog can throw a wrench into a busy schedule. Whenever possible, I will walk my dog Teddy Bear while running an errand. I’m always pleasantly surprised at how many establishments in Vancouver are dog friendly! Teddy and I have together visited everywhere from liquor stores to clothing boutiques to the bank. Many retail boutiques will give you and your dog an extra warm welcome and have treats behind the counter to feed your furry friend. It means Teddy gets a longer than usual walk, and I have a sidekick to accompany me on my errands.

Do Your Home Beauty Routines While Watching TV

Beauty takes time, which is something we all seem to not have enough of. For any sort of home beauty routine which requires sitting and waiting, I multitask and do while catching up on my favourite Netflix series. Some of my favourite beauty routines to do while watching TV include wearing a face or a deep-conditioning hair mask, doing a foot soak, giving myself a manicure or pedicure, or moisturizing my arms and legs.

Shoot Multiple Products or Outfits in One Photography Session

Lastly, this tip is most applicable to other bloggers and content creators. Whenever you are working with a photographer for, say, an Outfit Of The Day shoot, make sure you bring multiple outfits and accessories, to switch up your look. You’ve already spent the time getting ready with your hair and makeup, you might as well capture a few different looks. There’s a saying in the blogging world which goes: “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”.


Now that you’ve read my tips for making the most of my time, share with me your best tips for ‘holding it all together’ and enter to win 2 x $25 Subway gift cards from Modern Mix Vancouver to try their new Grilled Wraps.


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This post was written in collaboration with Subway Canada.


75 Responses

  1. Great tips Vanessa! I also use an agenda. I find a paper one much easier to use than a digital calendar. I use my commute to do things like catch up on emails and replying comments or posting on my Instagram feed.

  2. A visual calendar. Write down anything worthy like appointments, showers, tests etc. Put in a place where you go often, the kitchen or near an outside door.

  3. I used Subway to help me lose 75 pounds about 12 years ago. Doing my undergrad, working part-time, trying to have a social life, and being healthy was a tough gig but I am glad that I had Subway by my side.

  4. I keep separate books for journal, medical, financial, food, important date. I also label everything I can. I keep lots of baskets to help keep clutter to a minimum & keep smaller things organized.

  5. Multi tasking is very difficult! Combining tasks is the best route – have a business meeting lunch instead of a separate meeting and lunch is a big one for me.

  6. I try to hold not all together by being organized and not taking on too much! Asking for help from friends when necessary too!

  7. Go with the flow – simple

    and don’t multitask chances are, you’re not doing yourself (or your boss, or your friends and family) any favors by multitasking your way through the day. Research shows that it’s not nearly as efficient as we like to believe, and can even be harmful to our health.

  8. i savour lots of me time; reading a book, going for a walk, watching my favourite tv show; having a cup of coffee… I allow time for me without guilt!

  9. I think it’s really important to take time for yourself. That’s why my husband and I are making date night a priority!

  10. I get up an hour early before the rest of the family to get lunches ready and a little “me” time and also multi-task as much as possible.

  11. I do exercise, organizing my goals for each day. Also studying books on self-help to become the best I can be as a person,

  12. I “hold it all together” by making to-do lists. I like to stay organized this way and it is rewarding to cross things off my list as they are done.

  13. I am all about lists, my calendar and my schedules… With work, travel, kiddos, my older parents, my personal life, etc. I need all that to stay sane. But I also take time during each day for myself, whether to meditate, read or take a hot bath!

  14. make a to do list but never let it get too long. Also, always be striving for more, as soon as you settle you fall behind.

  15. I like to keep a calendar, get up a bit earlier than everyone else just to have that little time for myself. I also like to when ever I can take a bath and just relax my body and mind for 15 minutes

  16. I make it a point, after the end each day, to follow my “letting it go” routine, it starts after I get home in the evening, I change into my comfy, around the house clothes, I then turn on the kettle and prepare to make a cup of tea, but not just any tea, I have a collection of approximately 24+ differently scented, flavored tea(s) from around the world. I select a tea that accommodates my particular mood at the time, everything from fresh and perky to quiet and restful(and pretty well anything in between). I then put on some music(no vocals), grab a seat and then I begin to let go of my day, my stress, etc..

  17. I hold it all together by staying organized and getting my children to help me as much as I need them to, they are very capable of helping out, I just have to ask and direct them.

  18. My family is grown so I don’t have any little ones and their responsibilities and demands to contend with. It’s easy to hold it together. My time is “my” time.

  19. Lists, lists and more lists, keep me focused and help me hold it together. For times when I am overwhelmed I remember that the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time!!

  20. I do a menu each week and try to stick to it.
    Sometimes it works and sometimes …well lets say a do the best I can.

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