15 Ideas for Bachelorette Party Dares

I recently went to my first bachelorette party in Las Vegas – my friend Vennsze is the bride-to-be!  In preparation for the trip, we made a list of 15 dares for her to do.  Dares like “Tell a stranger you used to date the DJ”, “Ask a guy if you can tell his fortune”, or “Get a stranger to wink back at you” are awkward but harmless and will give something for everyone to laugh about.

bachelorette dares

Although these were written for our Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas, they can work for any bachelorette party!

  • Have a stranger buy you a drink
  • Take a selfie with another bachelorette
  • Get three strangers to wink back at you
  • Take a selfie with the bartender
  • Find a guy to show you his bellybutton
  • Ask a guy if you can tell his fortune
  • Photobomb a stranger’s picture
  • Ask a girl for her number
  • Rub a bald man’s head for good luck
  • Drop a handful of tampons and ask a guy to help pick them up
  • Find a celebrity look-alike and ask them for their autograph
  • Take a provocative photo in front of a hot car
  • Take a photo with a shirtless guy with a six-pack
  • Pinch an older man’s butt
  • Tell a stranger you used to date the DJ
  • Get marriage advice from a married couple

To get the full scoop on our bachelorette weekend, see my blog post on: 10 Tips for Planning a Bachelorette in Las Vegas (and Having Everyone Get Along).


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